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Lunch pig was started by Oliver Praudisch and Carl Caprioglio, two Torrance businessmen that frequently dine out in the South Bay area. After years of dining out and experimenting with a variety of restaurants, Oliver and Carl became a bit bored with the same old places. Oliver suggested that the next time they went out for lunch they would try something different. One thing led to another and the idea was hatched to take notes on each restaurant and share it with the folks living in the South Bay facing the same lunch time challenges.

Lunch Pig Objectives:
- Easy in and out in under an hour
- In the Torrance/South Bay Area
- Lunch prices in the $10 range
- Emphasize independent restaurants
- Honest reviews

Each week Oliver and Carl will hit the streets and try new things with the idea of sharing the experience with our fellow South Bay residents. With little or no experience in the kitchen neither Oliver nor Carl will have much in the way of cooking experience to draw upon. Instead they will just tell it like it is from the perspective of two average guys.

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