Carl’s Jr Hardee’s Grilled Atlantic Codfish commercial (Directors cut)

Here is the directors cut version, a little longer and a few more shots, have fun.

OK, show me a pretty girl and I will stare, in fact my eyestex-avery-wolf-howling will bulge out of my head and my tongue will hang to the ground, and somewhere an old tyme car horn horn will be going Aah-ooooga. So it’s no surprise I liked the new commercial from Carl’s Jr for their newly released Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich. The video is hot and gives us guys something to look at as well as giving the ladies a clever and fun end. Add a great new sandwich and you got a winner. Make sure and check out our review of the new sandwich. What? there is a sandwich??

Carl’s Jr Super Bowl commercial


Who is that model in the new Carl’s Jr Cod Sandwich commercial?

Nina Agdal

What is the song playing in the new Carl’s Jr Cod Sandwich commercial?

Bobby Darin singing “Beyond the Sea” (1946). I received a few messages from people that this is a Sinatra song. I took a look around and though many claim it is Sinatra, it is in fact Bobby Darin.

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1 Comment

  1. Donna says:

    I don’t eat at Hardee’s anymore. Stopped when they started using sex to sell their product..

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