Burger King Chicken Sandwich for $1.04 – Review

BK Chicken Sandwich is 35 years old

In a way, I come to this review with an opinion. I think their Original Chicken is one the best Chicken Sandwiches out there, it is what I term as a compressed chicken sandwich, but this does not hurt the taste at all. In its stock form it comes with an elongated chicken patty, a not too thick layer of shredded lettuce, and some mayo. Nothing fancy, just chicken and some stuff to make sure it is not dry. I have eaten countless ones over the years and they have been around for 35 years now.

Calories come in at 660, not too bad.

Burger King BK Chicken SandwichSince today is the first day of the big 4th of July weekend sale it is already packed. Normally these go for $4.49, so $1.04 is quite the deal. The drive through line can get long, 4th of July pre-weekend and school being out means lunch time at BK can be a tough one to start with, throw in this deal and you got some time to check your email and engage in a few sms conversations before seeing your sandwiches, but it is definitely worth it. Enjoy!


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 BK Chicken Sandwich $1.04!

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