Burger King New Bacon Sundae – Review Surprise

Burger King Bacon SundaeBacon + Caramel + Ice Cream

When Carl alerted me of the new summer time desert from Burger King, I was not sure what to think since I still had the taste in my mouth from the Jack in the Box Bacon Shake. I was not kind in that review and I was sure I would not be pleased with the Burger King Bacon Sundae. I actually wanted to hate it, but once I tried it, I couldn’t. In fact, I liked it. Not sure I can say I loved it, but I felt like it was pretty good, and it tasted “special”. It kind of reminded me of a ice cream pretzel. Not because of taste, but more because of the overall vibe.

 ”It was pretty good, and it tasted “special”"

The Sundae is 12 ounces and it comes with vanilla soft serve ice cream, caramel, hot fudge, some small squares of cut up bacon, and finally, a large stick of bacon stuck in and standing in the ice cream much like the Titanic before she broke in half in the cold Atlantic. I took a taste of what seemed like a good mix of all the flavors and was very surprised. “this tastes good!” I happily thought to myself. I tried a few other spoonfuls and it did not get worse, in fact, it got a little better. “OK, this is just weird, bacon and ice cream don’t work together” is what I kept telling myself. But in the end the truth won out. Bacon and ice cream do work together and it can taste pretty good.

“It is an odd combo that actually works”

The caramel and the bacon had a nice amount of salty and sweet which is a nice change of pace. The hot fudge goes together well with ice cream and it works with bacon as well. You get a pretty good size serving and it looks stylish. I could see maybe adding a little more caramel, but other than that it is pretty darn good. I like it and will be telling my friends to check it out, it is an odd combo that actually works and I was not expecting it to.

This week I watched how others reacted to the Burger King Sundae, most agreed that it was surprisingly good, Wendy Williams of the FOX network daytime talk show “Wendy Williams Show” went and did a review on her show of it and went crazy for it. It was amusing to watch how others rated it.

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And finally, this sundae with the ice cream, fudge and caramel, along with bacon come in at 510 calories. If you ask me that is a bargain. So treat yourself to something fun and unique and don’t worry about the negatives.


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