Carls Jr Amazing Spider Man Promotion Gallery

Did you go spidey for a Cheeseburger?!

If you are so inclined to dress like Spider Man for a free burger this 4th of July for Carl’s Jr’s Amazing Spider Man promotion, than I am guessing you will probably make a pretty big deal about it or at least look completely ridiculous, either way, we want a picture of you to put in our gallery for this.

Spider Man Costume Gallery

It doesn’t matter how you look, heck, for our picture you can even wear a mask. Bad enough you will be wandering the streets dressed as some form of Spider Man. Dig up that old Halloween costume or your favorite Spider Man jammies and send SEND SEND those pictures of you dressed as Spider Man! We promise to not laugh, ok, we will laugh, we will laugh long and hard.

Send your pictures to

Check out the Trailer and commercial here, and get a coupon!
Spiderman costume carls jr

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