Carl’s Jr Made from Scratch Sausage and Egg Biscuit – Review

Carls Jr Sausage and Egg BiscuitCarl’s Jr Sausage and Egg Biscuit

After a very long night writing and reading about all the news covering the Carl’s Jr Meet and Greet tour going on with the Los Angeles Laker Girls to promote their new line of Made From Scratch Breakfast Biscuits, I was finally going home,  and since it was now 7am, I stopped at a Carl’s Jr on the way to sample this new Sausage and Egg Biscuit.

I used to love McDonalds sausage egg McMuffin when I was young. Getting old, heart burn and just changes in my taste have made me steer away from those in past years. Others I have tried from various fast food places tasted either too processed, or were very small with too little actual sausage. Another common problem is the biscuit disintegrating while eating. So it was with a little bit of skepticism that I ordered the Sausage and Egg version of Carl’s Jr’s biscuits.

I went to the Carl’s Jr on Anza Blvd (21112 Anza Ave Torrance CA 90503) for this sample. It is not my usual stop, but it was on the way. I went drive through, placed my order, girl was friendly, everything went well. I got home in 5 minutes and took these fast photos, did not want the biscuit to change consistency in any way or for it to cool down.

The first thing that got me was how big this thing was. It was no tiny little biscuit with a sliver of sausage. This was an honest to goodness real sandwich. It felt like a burger in mass. I took a good look at it, it had great form, the biscuit was not too flakey as to fall apart when trying to get a bite out of it. Once I took that first bite I was impressed. I quickly took a second and then inspected, looking for the tell tale sings of a crumbling biscuit, but no. This biscuit still had structural integrity. The sausage patty is nice and thick, and even a little juicy, but not too greasy. There was plenty of egg and it is typical scrambled egg. Good and plenty. Some cheese and spices and good size, along with a thick enough biscuit make this one of the best Fast Food Biscuits I have had in a long time. I’m going to have to go out and sample some of the offerings from the other chains now to be fair, but in my opinion, Carls Jr has set the new high mark in fast food breakfast sausage and egg biscuits. We will find out more in upcoming biscuit reviews.

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Nutrition Information

Calories – 570
Calories from Fat – 330
Fat – 37g
Sodium – 1350mg
Carbs – 38g
Protein – 20g


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