Chuck E Cheese Is Getting a Makeover

Time to hit REFRESH on the Chuck E Cheese mascot. The new image is a trimmer, hipper looking mouse sporting jeans, a cool shirt and a guitar.

The makeover isThe idea is that a cooler image will help boost the restaurant’s declining sales. Check out the Chuck E Cheese Facebook for a preview.n’t limited to the visuals.

Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick will sing jingles and provide the voice for the lovable rodent. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the prior voice of Chuck E Cheese, Duncan Brannan, is feeling a bit miffed by the changes. It seems he is being retained as a consultant but wasn’t fully informed about what was happening until the news broke online.

In the interest of full disclosure, the new voice of Chuck E Cheese is my good friend Jaret Reddick so I can’t be expected to be completely objective. I can tell you that even without that connection, I’d be much more likely to take my kid to a Chuck E Cheese now that I know they are making an effort to breathe some new life into the aging restaurant theme.

Congratulations Jaret!


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