Flame Broiler Torrance Review


Flame Broiler
2024 Carson St
Torrance, CA 90501

The Flame Broiler Torrance is a freestanding restaurant on the south/east corner of Carson Street and Arlington Avenue. Flame Broiler is a relatively new restaurant chain but locals will know this location as a Torrance High School burger hangout for many years prior to changing to a Flame Broiler. Seating inside is free standing tables and you seat yourself as well as pick up your order when your number is called. Menu items range from under $5 to $10 per plate. They have their own parking lot and parking is ample.

FlameBroiler-022113-6CARL: First a confession: I was late to the Flame Broiler party. For this story we must go back in time a bit to when my son Kevin started playing hockey at East West Ice Palace in Artesia four years ago. There is a strip mall close to the rink with a Starbucks, Subway and this unknown hole in the wall, Flame Broiler. For whatever reason, we ate at the Subway right next door countless times and never had the urge to try the Flame Broiler. One day a few months ago the parents were chatting about dinner options and they all seemed to LOVE Flame Broiler so I gave it a try and really liked it. I started with the Combo Plate that included a small salad, an orange, rice, veggies and your meat of choice. I wasn’t really blown away but I did learn that the parts I liked – the rice and chicken – were available as a bowl without the salad and orange that I didn’t eat anyway. I fine tuned my choice by eliminating the veggies, going with all white meat chicken and the more flavorful brown rice. With my perfect Flame Broiler meal locked in, that has become my standard order: All white meat chicken bowl with brown rice with just a dash of the Flame Broiler “Magic Sauce”. The Magic Sauce nutrition information isn’t available on their website (from what I can tell) but I am sure it has plenty of sugar so if you are watching the calories like I am, go easy on the Magic. Flame broiler wins in all categories for me. Yeah, it is fast food and yeah, it isn’t super cheap but with no frying, no dairy, no skin, no added MSG and no trans fat, Flame Broiler stands above the other rice bowl type restaurants. I now walk right by Subway and hit the Flame Broiler on hockey nights.

OLIVER: At one time there was only one place to get a flame-broiler-combobeef bowl and I ate it frequently, Flame Broiler is the new player in the arena and is similar to the others, but only in concept. There is a vibe of higher quality and a more healthy meal from Flame Broiler. When you look at their advertising and posters it is clear that healthy is an important part of their image.

I got their chicken and beef meal with vegetables, it also came with a salad and half an orange. A very nice appearing healthy meal, but next time I will opt for just the bowl and not the salad and orange.

The beef was actually chunks of meat, not just thin slices you see at other places.It helps to create a more substantial eating experience. The chicken was good and the rice was cooked very well. I chose white rice this time.

One thing worth mentioning is their clever poster poking fun at sizing and advertising.FlameBroiler-022113-7

The location is nice, the service was friendly and they serve a nice variant on the meat over rice combo. The food served at Flame Broiler is a great quality and seems better than many of its competitors. You can walk out for under $10 and that is always important, I did make a stop at Fosters Freeze afterwards so it was not completely filling, but I like large portions.

I give them 4.5 pigs for a good deal and a great meal.Pigs4_5


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