Jack in the Box Bacon Shake Review

Just got back from a Lunch Pig today and while writing my review I hear a blurb on the radio, “Jack in the Box announces Bacon Shake.”Did I hear that right? A Bacon Shake? I checked the calendar, it was not April 1st, a quick Google and sure enough, Jack in the Box is now offering a Bacon Shake. Quick message to Carl asking if he was in, he said, “no”, but I managed to talk him into it anyway.

Walking in to the JitB I was surprised to see that there were no posters or signs anywhere, not even a listing on the menu board. I asked if they had it available and the cashier looked at me with a surprised look and then said “yes”. “Give me two small bacon shakes” I said.

Handed over my $6.60 and grabbed my shakes and out I went. Back to home base for Lunch Pig. The shakes looked good, with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

I took a sip and was quite surprised, this was by far the worst tasting thing I have ever had. I would be doing it a favor to say it tasted like cigarettes and maple syrup with an after taste of ham fat.

It was really bad, I’m not kidding, the taste on your lips is like you were licking a dead pig that died in a bar somewhere. It’s absolutely disgusting, and as I write this I wonder if I will be throwing up. I am quickly looking through my thesaurus for new words to describe how awful this tastes.

The Jack in the Box Bacon Shake tastes terrible, awful, disgusting, wretched, repulsive and vile. I will assume this is a brilliant marketing plan to capitalize on the healthy eating kick, but it tastes so bad it loses power. I wound up throwing mine away, it was that bad.


A serving size of 16oz will give you 773 calories, and 358 of that is fat, but don’t worry, chances are you will not be finishing it.




  1. This definitely seems to be a polarizing product. There’s not much “it was okay” out there. It’s either vehement disgust or unbridled ecstasy. I’m in the latter camp. Should people be interested in reading the other side of the coin, peep my (glowing) review at baconscotch.com.

  2. miguel jose says:

    Did you try the Bacon Sundae from Burger King yet? If you have and you didn’t like it then maybe bacon and ice cream just ain’t your thing. Myself on the other hand, i LOVE the bacon sundae and have gotten at least 2 or 3 of them since they have come out and by that i mean 4 of them. And wish there was a Jack in the Box close to me so i could get a bacon shake!

  3. Oliver says:

    I did do a review on the BK Bacon Sundae and I gave it a great review, and I have gone back and bought several more since. The JitB shake was just vanilla with a Bacon flavored pancake syrup and it just did not work.

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