Jack in the Box Hella-peño Munchie Meal First Review and a Tasting in Hollywood

Jack in the Box - Hella-Peno Burger

Jack in the Box invites Lunch Pig to Hollywood for a special event and Tasting!

The Jack in the Box Stuffed Jalapeños and an Ultimate Cheeseburger have been my main meal from Jack for more than 25 years, so when they take my favorite meal and turn it into a single sandwich, I’m going to check it out. Jack in the Box invited Lunch Pig to a private tasting in Hollywood on Sunset and Cahuenga Boulevards this week and let me have a sneak preview of items from their new summer menu based on what they call a “Twist up”. So not only do I get a chance to try this super new sandwich, they also treated Lunch Pig like kings. It was nice to be part of this event and it was nice to see who the other influencers are in person, rather than just read what they thought of the latest chocolate covered cheese puff. I was not sure how big this event might be, but as it turns out it was pretty big. Even KFI mentioned it on Fork Report. Jack in the Box also used this event for a new cold drink called  Jack’s Fruit Cooler a very tasty and different drink for the summer. 

What can you say about a Cheeseburger topped with stuffed Jalapeños as well as sliced Jalapeños?

This new burger is part of their Munchie Meals line up and is completely over the top, add the two tacos, fries and curly fries and you got something that will completely satisfy your need for flavors and bulk.  We are no strangers to this combo since we reviewed them in one of our Las Vegas specials, but they kicked it up a notch with this newest burger. This burger is for when you want something really gratuitous and have, what else can I say, the Munchies.

Obviously I like this burger, but that has a lot to do with that I  love The Ultimate Cheeseburger and I love their stuffed Jalapeños. They nailed what I like. Will I eat it every time, probably not, but there will be those nights when I feel like really eating, and that is what this combo is for.  Every bite will wind up tasting a little different from the last and you might be surprised how fast you tear through it. I hate this term, but I will use it here, this is like Fast Food ‘Comfort Food’.


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