Jack in the Box New Jalapeño Ranch Ultimate Cheeseburger First Review

Jack in the Box wants to ‘Twist up” your summer with some new additions to the menu.

Traveling through Hollywood at 6pm on a weekday is a nightmare by any standard, but I was on my way to taste the new Jalapeño Ranch Ultimate Cheeseburger and a list of other new mealtime offerings from Jack in the Box, so that makes it a worthwhile trip. The Ultimate Cheeseburger is about as true to a hamburger as you can get. Two slabs of meat, lots of cheese and and a little bit of ketchup or sauce. That has always worked for me and it became my goto burger for many years. Recently Jack in the Box has added some new variations to the Ultimate Cheeseburger to mix things up a little and they gave me a early opportunity to check them out. Jack in the Box - Jalapeno Ranch Ultimate Cheeseburger 3 Two beef patties with American and swiss-style cheeses, creamy ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños on a toasted sesame seed bun is the set up for this variation. The jalapeños work very well with the ranch sauce which makes jalapeños not so overwhelming, a good balance. It’s a giant burger and it takes two hands. Everything about this burger is right. This burger is spicy, but not so much you are running for a glass of water, though it was enough to cause me to break out in a little sweat, but that is why I get the Jalapeños. It is a lot like chugging a cold can of Coke, you get that burn in the back of your throat and it feels so good. This could be my new favorite burger from JitB, but it is competing with the Hella-peño Burger, more on that burger here.

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