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McDonalds Shamrock Shakes

McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes are Back!

It’s that time of year again……no, not THAT time of year again……’s time for the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake! Everyone is wearing green, thinking green, displaying green so why not drink green?

Personally I don’t ever recall having a Shamrock Shake. I’m not a big fan of mint so that’s probably why I missed this childhood treat and never felt deprived. I bet on the rare occasion we went to McDonalds I oped for a chocolate shake.

I was out running errands today and decided to end my curiosity with a trip to the McDonald’s drive thru. Here is a Q&A:

Will a Shamrock Shake melt before I get it home?

Shakes do not transport well. In the 3 minutes it took to get to my office the shake deteriorated rapidly. The cherry slid off, the whipped cream collapsed and the shake itself got very runny. Check out the sad pictures.

Are Shamrock Shakes Green?

Shamrock shakes are indeed green. A light “minty” looking green.

Do Shamrock Shakes Taste like mint?

They do indeed taste like a vanilla shake with mint flavoring. The mint flavor is not strong, it is somewhat mild. No unpleasant aftertaste for me.

What sort of cup does the Shamrock Shake come in?

McDonald’s uses much smaller cups for their shakes than I remember. I didn’t specify a size so these are likely smalls.

McDonalds Shamrock Shake top

You may have seen the classic commercials as a kid like I did:

Looking back at that commercial it seems oddly offensive. I’m half Irish – but I don’t think that’s it. It just feels odd to me.

Here is another TV spot with a curly haired kid sporting a vintage “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt.

Shamrock Shake History

The Shamrock Shake was introduced in 1970 and was not available nationwide until this year. Prior to 2012 it was available in only selected locations.

The rotund mascot, Uncle O’Grimacey, was used in marketing during the early days of the Shamrock Shake. Not hard to image why the big fella was phased out. He doesn’t exactly embody the image McDonald’s is trying to convey these days.

A ‘Shamrock Sundae” was added in 1980. It was a flop – probably because it was just a vanilla soft serve with bright green syrup. The Shamrock Sundae lasted only one year.

McDonald’s has been reworking it’s morning coffee and drink options over the last few years. McDonald’s now delivers the Shamrock Shake in clear plastic cups with the rounded lid, a squirt of whipped cream and a cherry on top.

From February 8, 2012 to March 25, 2012 every McDonald’s will carry the Shamrock Shake. A first for the company as all prior years the shake was only available at selected stores.

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