Taco Bell – Volcano Nachos – Review

Taco Bell’s New Volcano NachosTaco Bell Volcano Nachos

Nachos and cheese have become as American as Hot Dogs and Potato Chips. There is an infinite way to eat them and most all places have their own variation they call their own. Taco Bell has recently come out with their new Volcano Nachos. It is typical tortilla chips, with nacho cheese applied over it. There are actually two types of cheeses on this one and one is very spicy. It is combined with jalapeños, ground beef, refried beans and  sour cream.

I purchased my Volcano Nacho’s from the Taco Bell located at 2201 Artesia Boulevard, Redondo Beach, CA
(310) 371-0353. I went though the drive in and service was friendly. The dish comes in a round plate with a plastic see though cover. This was probably one of the spiciest dishes I have had from Taco Bell or any other chain. My face was getting very sweaty as I devoured the plate.  Be careful if you are not into very spicy dishes on this one. I would have liked a little more beef, and though it was spicy, it could have used more seasoning. It is a good amount of chips and could be shared.

Overall I liked it, and it tastes good. It is fast food though. Also it has a pretty big caloric penalty as you can see below.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size 354g

Calories 980

Calories from fat 540

Cholesterol 45mg

Sodium 1590

Carbohydrates 89g

Sugars 6g

Protein 20g



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