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Buffalo Wild Wings
3525 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 542-3400

Buffalo Wild Wings is located in the Del Amo Mall at the east side of the sprawling mega mall. The restaurant shares the building with The Lazy Dog Cafe, Johnny Rockets and the AMC Theaters that serve as a magnet for business at the shopping stalwart. Seating is a mixture of booths and tables in the dining area. Parking is ample in the lot across the street and in the adjacent parking structure, although both can get crowded during peak times.

CARL: The place is called Buffalo Wild Wings so I should order wings right? Well, it just didn’t seem like the thing for me today so I ordered the Parmesan Garlic Chicken Flatbread ($8.89 / 920 Calories). That basically a fancy way of saying I ordered a chicken pizza. The “flatbread” featured their signature Parmesan Garlic sauce, chicken and a mozzarella-provolone blend. The flatbread was around 8 inches square – a fairly decent size – but it seemed more like an appetizer than a meal. On the positive side, the taste was pleasantly spicy and featured nice sized chunks of chicken. For $9 not too bad but not too great either. The ambiance is probably better when sporting events are in full swing but at lunch it was a ghost town. When we arrived for lunch we were the second group in the place bringing the total up to 6 total patrons. It was odd to sit in a restaurant that is set up for action with so little, well, action. I figure it was about 5 big screen TVs per person at that point. Despite the lack of other guests, it was overall OK. Next time I’ll try the wings. Four Pigs.

OLIVER: Another new place for me; walking in it reminds me of Straw Hat Pizza, Dave&Busters, TGIF and Chucky Cheeze. What does that mean? It means there is as much or more effort placed on the surroundings of the place as there is on the food. Giant display panels and games abound, including on your table. The place has a very busy feel and plenty to look at while waiting for lunch.

Buffalo Wild Wings BurgerI ordered their blue cheese burger with wedge cut fries. The fries were actually very tasty though they are kind of small, but good none the less. The burger was presented very nicely and looked very appetizing. It comes as any burger does with lettuce and tomato, here is my only complaint, they use shredded lettuce, to me it kind of cheapens the taste, though it is easier to eat.

I actually liked the food, but it has that feeling like it is really a big chain. The burger was $9.99 which is a little high for lunch, a very comparable and I dare say better burger would be a $6 Burger from Carl’s Jr. The coke is $2.49 and there is always another coke waiting. So you are going to be in the hole for at least $15 after all is said and done.

I give  Buffalo Wild Wings 3.5 pigs, the service was great, everyone was super friendly, cokes always full, and the burger was good, but for Lunch Pig it comes in a little high priced. 

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