Newly Opened Capicola’s Gourmet Sandwiches – Torrance – Review


Capicola’s Gourmet Sandwich Co.
3160 Pacific Coast Hwy
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 325-2274

Capicola’s is a newly opened gourmet sandwich shop on Pacific Coast Hwy in Torrance. The previous tenant was an Indian restaurant that seemed to struggle in this location. Parking is available in a large shared parking lot to the east of the restaurant and there are a few parking places on the west side of the restaurant. Capicola’s, like many of the new “fast casual” restaurants allows you to order at a lunch counter and seat yourself. The menu features sandwiches, panini, salads, and pizza. Staff is available at the tables for bussing dishes.

Capicola-013013-05CARL: Oliver and I have been anticipating the opening of this restaurant for many weeks. On this visit the restaurant was just two days old and there were some obvious signs that the staff was still in training. Let me start by saying that I TOTALLY understand that a new restaurant needs time to break in but I thought I might share a couple. There were little things like the sandwich wrapping papers blowing around when the front door opened, the wine bar being closed due to the pending liquor license, the limited beverage options and the learning curve on the iPad based registers. My favorite was ordering the Capi’s Special – a sandwich that should be the most popular. The customer in front of me ordered one and so did I. I watched as the person making her sandwich and the person making my sandwich went about it very differently. When the sandwiches were done, they looked nothing alike. I’m not sure which employee had it right but I did notice that the employee making the other sandwich had to keep looking back at the menu board to see what to put on it.

Capicola-013013-06After all that fun in line, the sandwich was well worth it. As I mentioned above, I ordered the Capi’s Special: Capicola, Prosciutto, salami, mozzarella, shaved parmigiano reggiano, basil, tomatoes, romaine on a white bread roll. The bread was tasty and crisp, the meat was fresh and the cheese tasted like it was a high quality brand. I did notice that the sandwich didn’t have as much meat as I am normally used to but that could be the luck of the draw behind the counter. Regular Lunch Pig readers will know that I love my Diet Coke so if I had to find one thing to complain about on this trip it is the $1.75 price tag on the 8oz tiny, tiny bottle of Diet Coke. For $1.75 I’d expect a refillable fountain drink that I could take with me when I go back to work.

The prices were a touch high for the quantity of the meal but the quality was about right for the cost. The $1.75 Diet Coke broke our $10/meal goal but I’m still going to give Capicola’s 4 Pigs for this visit with the promise to head back after the dust has settled for another try. If you are car shopping at the many dealerships along PCH in Torrance or if you’re flying in to Zamperini Field, give Capicola’s a shot.Pigs4

Oliver: Finally the new sandwich shop was open,capicola-turkey and we had to rush in and let everyone know what to expect.
Capicola’s sells both sandwiches and a variety of flat bread pizzas. I love sandwiches and go out of my way to try all the local shops that open. The menu has their own variation of the sandwich theme which does a nice job of seperating them from all the others. I wound up getting the turkey and avocado sandwich that came in at just under $7. My son was with me and I ordered him a cheeze pizza off their kids menu. It is more of a flat bread pizza, but fairly large.



For our drinks Wolf and I had a Root-beer for him and a Diet Coke for me. 8oz is not really enough of a drink for a grown man, and $1.75 was steep, but to act as the devils advocate, I do like that they are seeking to set themselves apart in many ways, and offering a classic drink in retro bottles is a nice touch.
The sandwich was very good with a variety of cheeses and a good serving of meat. The avocado was plentiful and fresh. The bread was crisp and tasty. I enjoyed my experience and will definitely be returning to try out some of their other dishes. Nice job Capicola’s for only your second day open!
I give them 4.5 pigs because the food was good, I liked the ambiance and it was different enough to make it stand out.

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