Johnny Rockets Torrance Review


3525 W. Carson St.,
Suite 75 Torrance, CA US
(310) 214-4051

Johnny Rockets is a retro 50′s themed Burger Diner located on the east end of Del Amo Mall on the second floor across from the AMC movie theater. Parking is ample but during lunch hour you should expect to have to park at the outer edge of the parking lot.

OLIVER: Johnny Rockets is offering a lot of discounts these days including their Monday through Thursday deal of $5.49 lunch plates and free dinner for kids 4-8pm, but you better check your local Johnny rockets on the details as different areas have different days and deals. We arrived on a Friday, our usual Lunch Pig day, but Friday offers no such deals. In the words of the great Homer Simpson, “Doh!”

Johnny-rockets-kids-chicken-tendersThey offer a variety of diner meals and I chose their Beef Philly Cheese Steak with bell peppers. It includes unlimited fries which helps. My son got their kids Chicken Tenders. While writing this review Johnny-rockets-philly-sandwichI looked at the receipt and noticed they charged me an extra $1.19 for grilled veggies. I can only assume it was for the grilled peppers on the sandwich. I must say, that really does not feel like a legitimate charge. The waitress should have informed of the extra cost when she asked if I wanted bell peppers. In my book, a Philly steak sandwich implies it will come with bell peppers, to be charged $1.19 makes one feel taken advantage of.

The size of the sandwich itself is on the small side and was not very filling for me. I am the first to admit that I enjoy large portions, so keep in that mind when ordering. The sandwich tasted excellent, the bread was soft, and had a very good flavor to it. The endless fries helps to fill you up and that works well. The fries are typical, I would say a small to medium thickness.

Johnny Rockets offers a great tasting meal and a wonderful atmosphere and you will enjoy it. They come in at teh top of the Lunch Pig price point and their serving size is small. I would definitely reccomend you take advantage of their special discounts.

I give them 3.5 pigs. Pigs3_5

JohnnyRockets-032213-4CARL: I’ve had a few too many burgers in the last couple of weeks so when we hit the local Johnny Rockets I had to seek out something that did not involve cow. I looked at Johnny Rocket’s selection of salads and alternate sandwiches but nothing really jumped out at me so I went with my old standby, the grilled chicken sandwich. Johnny Rocket’s version of the chicken sandwich is pretty basic: hamburger bun, medium sized chicken breast, tomato and lettuce (I had them hold the mayo). The sandwich was pretty average with all elements just, well, average. I like the pseudo 50s Johnny Rockets theme and the music (surprisingly a mix of 60s, 70s, and 80s classics with no 50s during our visit) was fun. if you are grabbing a semi-quick meal before hitting the AMC Theaters for a movie or refueling during a shopping spree, Johnny Rockets will do a capable job. The Friday prices weren’t anything to brag about but the Monday-thursday prices make this a decent deal. 4 Pigs.Pigs4

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