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Keegan’s Pub
1434 Marcelina Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
Neighborhood: Torrance
(310) 328-3750

Keegan’s Pub is another of Carl’s picks and a good one, they are located in old Torrance amongst many newly remodeled stores and buildings. Torrance has done a really great job in updating the area and it is becoming a great night spot with its many bars and clubs as well as great restaurants. There is plenty of parking all around as well as street parking. They are actually a bar, but also serve up a great menu, beware though, you must be 21 in order to enter the premices, so this is grown ups  only.

Keegans Brewry PubKeegans Irish pub sandwich
OLIVER: I tend to get the same meals everywhere I go. Don’t get me wrong, I try to pick out different things, but what usually occurs is that I will ask the waiter what is the specialty and they will say “fish tacos”, or “pastrami”.
Both of which are among my favorites. Today the answer was their Irish Pub Sandwich, which I ordered. It is very similar to a reuben, albeit their special version of one. along with it comes a serving of fries and a small salad. The waiter warned me it was big, and he was not exaggerating, this thing was huge. Two very thick layers of pastrami separated by a layer of sour kraut/slaw. This sandwich was simply awesome. When you look at a sandwich like that you might get intimidated, you might wonder if you will actually be able to bite it with out it winding up all over your face. Well, you can, but it will probably still wind up all over your face.

The fries were steak fries, meaning large fries, just like you woould expect from a hi quality restaurant. The fries were very flavorful and made the meal that much better. One note though, I did notice a fishy flavor in teh fries themeselves, I assume this is due to it being fried up with someones fishy lunch. But it was not a deal breaker.

I really liked the sandwich, wow, it was great. The place looks awesome, clean and stylish. You will not be disappointed taking a lunch break here away from the office. These guy sget 4.5 pigs for making an outrageously delicious and huge sandwich.

CARL: Coupons mean one of two things. The restaurant HAS TO use coupons or the restaurant needs to stoke the fire to bring in a new set of customers. After spending time at Keegans, they are clearly the latter. I ordered the “Fish & Chips” ($9.95) with cole saw and fries on the side. When our waiter brought our meals I was immediately impressed with the high quality presentation. The fish was on a bed of lettuce, the tartar sauce was in a small bowl and the fries looked as if the cook spent time stacking them carefully like firewood. As far as taste, the fish was tasty and flavorful and the large wedge-cut fries were almost perfect – the only thing that could have made the fries better would have been more of them! We totally lucked out with the coupons saving a bunch of dough ($9) but it would have been worth the trip either way. I will certainly be back for the food, the service and the comfy outdoor patio experience. 4.5 Pigs!

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