Lox of Bagels – Bagels and Sandwiches – Torrance – Review

Lox of Bagels
24427 Crenshaw Blvd Ste E
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 539-3582

Lox of Bagels is located in the Torrance Crossroads Shopping Center between Home Depot and Starbucks Coffee. It is easy to miss with all the stores packed together in this area but if you park near the Starbucks, you’ll be close. Inside is a typical bagel counter with a variety of bagels on display. A small sandwich preparation area is behind the main counter. You order at the bagel counter, pay at the register next to it and seat yourself at one of the three tables located inside the restaurant. Parking is plentiful in this part of the Torrance Crossroads.

CARL: My daughter Casey frequently visits this restaurant to enjoy their breakfast bagels with her friends. Casey suggested I give it a try so, we ventured out to give it a go. We spotted a sign in the window for a $5.95 lucy special that includes a sandwich and a soda. Seemed like a good start. After entering the restaurant it was pretty clear that their primary purpose is selling bagels in the morning. The counter displays had only a small amount of bagels left for purchase or for use in sandwiches. Since we were there for a sandwich there were more than enough to pick a fun bagel. I ended up ordering a turkey sandwich on a dried tomato bagel. The bagel was nicely toasted and the turkey, lettuce and tomato were fresh. The amount of meat inside was quite small and it really wasn’t much for lunch – more like a snack. Overall it was good and the service was good. Recommended for a light lunch or a snack.

OLIVER: Lox and bagel’s is really more of a breakfast place and if you decide on lunch you should probably order something along with your sandwich. I ordered the Pastrami bagel and got it in typical pastrami sandwich style. That would be mustard and pickles. Normally it would have come with tomato and mayo as well and not an actual “pastrami sandwich”. The pastrami itself was were thick slices and tasted good.

The bagel was fresh and tasted great, the pickle was also good. I quickly ate my meal and was ready to go. It really is not enough food for me, I should have ordered two, but that would break out of the Lunch Pig budget. I eat a lot at any meal though, and you should take that into account. I give it 3 pigs as a lunch, but if it were breakfast I’m sure it could be a 4. So I will give it an actual 3.5 pigs 

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