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New York Deli
2424 Sepulveda Blvd Ste A
Torrance, CA 90501
Neighborhood: Torrance
(310) 891-1229

According to the New York Deli website the restaurant was founded 1985 when a husband and wife (the names weren’t mentioned), who had a magnificent recipe for an authentic New York style sandwich, opened The New York Deli in Torrance. The restaurant compares to Cantor’s or Jerry’s Deli in menu and vibe and features a couple of dozen tables surrounded by classic images of New York and New York actor portraits. This location is in a very plain looking (and easily missed) plaza just west of El Paso Cantina. Parking is plentiful and easy even at lunch.

CARL: When entering the restaurant for the first time it takes a minute to figure out where to go. On the left is a counter for to-go orders, a small bench for waiting and a sign that instructs you to seat yourself. We opted to make our way into the dining room where we found a surprisingly large crowd filling most of the two dozen tables. Glancing around the room I’d say the average age was probably 55+. We found a table near the front window and took a seat. We were quickly greeted by a friendly server (possibly the owner from the website pictures) and gave our drink orders. I love my Diet Coke and thankfully The New York Deli serves Coca-Cola products. Unfortunately for my insatiable appetite for the bubbly beverage, it is delivered in a can and not as a bottomless glass. One point for the Diet Coke and one point deduction for the lack of free refills makes us neutral so far.


New York Deli Torrance #20 Turkey SandwichThe menu is not as grand as the bigger delis like Cantors and Jerry’s Deli but contains all the traditional favorites you might expect from pastrami to corned beef to BLTs and burgers. The whole menu is only 6 panels but there is still enough to take 10 minutes to decide. I opted for a #20 – Turkey on Sourdough with a macaroni salad on the side. The “New York High Sandwiches” are available as Hot Corned Beef, Hot Pastrami, Hot Beef Brisket, Cold Roast Beef, Turkey Breast and Hot Tongue. Each is made with cole slaw, swiss cheese and Russian Dressing. As expected the sandwich was HUGE in the traditional deli style. The macaroni side salad was modest in size but quite tasty. The quality of the meat was good but the bread was just average and I would have expected a bit higher quality. Overall it was a similar experience to the other delis mentioned above. I mentioned it to Oliver when we were in the restaurant that I somehow didn’t feel very comfortable. Perhaps it was the type of seating or perhaps how close the tables were to each other but for whatever reason, I never really felt settled in during our meal. The staff was very friendly and responsive. Because my meal was a little pricer – the sandwich was $10.95 – it went over the Lunch Pig budget of $10. With the soda and tip it was $16. A bit more than I like to spend on lunch. I plan to return again to give New York Deli another try but for now I’ll give New York Deli 4 out of 5 Pigs on our scale of 1-5 Pigs. The biggest deduction is for the prices.


Oliver: Could this be the best sandwich in Torrance? Yes, yes it is. I like sandwiches, Italian subs, hot pastrami, even a tuna done right is a great way to get sustenance. Torrance has a lot of sandwich shops to choose from, most are of the sub sandwich sort. Some are chains, some are privately owned. There are a lot of ways to screw up a sandwich, and not so many ways to make it outstanding. I like my sandwiches to have some flair, to be tasty and have a good portion of meat. I don’t like the idea of all sandwiches being made the same. I always admired the saying by Henry Ford, “You can have any color you want, as long as it is black”. That worked great for Model T’s, but not so much for a sandwich.

New York Deli specializes in Pastrami and Reuben sandwiches. This is typically a sandwich served on rye bread with either hot pastrami or corned beef, mustard, pickles, and sometimes sauerkraut along with either thousand island or Russian dressing. It comes with variety of sides, you can choose Potato salad,macaroni, pasta, bean salad, as well as others that might be served for short times.

What makes New York Deli different in their version of a pastrami is the use of cole slaw instead of sauerkraut. I was suspicious how it would work out, but I must say it made for a delightful sandwich. The bread was soft and fresh and the meat was piled on high the way you would want. They use a Russian dressing which was very good. The sandwich went down great and was filling. I will have to admit that it was not too filling to keep us from stopping at Costco on the way back to the office to grab a couple of soft Serve Swirl Yogurts from their Food court. More on that in a future review!I have to mention that the pickle wedge was very good, nice and crisp.

Cokes came from a can, as noted by Carl, and that makes you drink sparingly, that part is not a winner at all. On the other hand, you know exactly what the taste will be and no worries of a incorrect drink or worse, a not fully carbonated drink.

The dining area was much bigger than expected and I happed to like it. I enjoyed the total vibe of the place. The only negtive, and as far as lunch pigs go, it is a big one. The price. It is not a place to go for a cheap lunch. Our two sandwiches and drinks came out to $27. That and a tip and we were each out $16. That’s a lot for lunch.

In spite of the price, I will give them 4 pigs, I’m not sure they are a 4.5 pig place if price were not a consideration, but I did like the total experience. so they “squealed” by.



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