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Texas Loosey’s Chili Parlor & Saloon 22252 Palos Verdes Blvd Torrance, CA 90505 (310) 540-9799 www.texaslooseys.com Texas Loosey’s is a located in a strip mall near the South/East corner of Sepulveda Blvd and Palos Verdes Blvd in Torrance. The menu features bar favorites from burgers to chili and there is a full bar available. Texas Loosey’s is very active with theme nights, MMA events and their assortment of lingerie shows. Waitresses wear revealing (but not too revealing) cowgirl outfits – only slightly more risqué than Hooters. Parking is available outside the restaurant in the main parking lot and along the side street.

CARL: Texas Loosey’s Chili Parlor and Saloon is located in a strip mall just a few yards from the residential neighborhood where I live. Despite it’s close proximity, I’ve only dined there three times in the last 30 years. From the outside it looks pleasant enough – but somehow just wasn’t inviting. On the previous to occasions, my visit was just OK – the food was OK, the service was OK, the price was OK – but, just OK. Not one to give up, it seemed like it was time to try again. On this visit we happened to arrive on a lingerie show Friday so there was quite a bit of activity. We were seated promptly in a booth and handed menus. The booth was a bit cramped for my ample frame and the tables were a tad sticky (one of my pet peeves). I spotted the Lunch Specials ($7.95) featuring the Texas Burger, 1/4 Smoked Chicken, Chicken Tenders Salad, Riblets and Porkchops. I opted for the Texas Burger as it seemed to be the least likely to go completely wrong. The burger came with fries in a bar style basket. Nothing special here but that’s kind of what I expected. For a better burger at a better price you can hit Y-Not and leave with more money in your pocket. It seems what you are paying for here is the sexy waitresses and the atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, there was a lot going on during this lunch hour. Scantily clad girls were wandering around the bar with rolls of raffle tickets offering up a chance to win everything from MMA DVDs and tickets to novelty prizes. The girls approach your table throughout your meal to get you to purchase tickets for $1 each or 7 for $5. The girls each have different color tickets so I presume they have some sort of incentives for doing well. These slick saleswomen pour on the charm and come by several times. It takes a sturdy man to resist their charms – and I was not sturdy enough. I bought $5 worth of tickets. Not to win the affection of a cowgirl (I’m a happily married man mind you) but rather I wanted to get the whole Texas Loosey’s experience. As luck would have it, I did end up winning some tickets to a MMA match called “TFA 25 The Revolution” and a DVD called “Total Fighting Alliance”. I’m not much of a MMA fan (I prefer my fighting during LA Kings hockey games) so I passed them along to a friend that would appreciate them. I’m still not sure where the lingerie show is/was. Perhaps it is the girls walking around or perhaps it was going on when we weren’t there. Despite missing the show, there was plenty to see. It’s hard to describe Texas Loosey’s but think Roadhouse + Elk’s Lodge + Hooters = Texas Loosey’s. Prices are a bit high for what you get on your plate – but what you are paying for is the scenery. Texas Loosey’s is fun for a change of pace but not if you’re looking for meal value. 3.5 Pigs.

OLIVER: I used to work in Aerospace many years ago and one of the things that we used to do is get together for Happy Hour on occasions at the various places that surrounded our facility. This Texas Loosey’s is one of those old haunts. Yes, the tables are a little sticky, and there is a little bit of a strip club vibe with the way that the waitresses and lingerie models chat you up in order to extricate money from guys. But, this is not a strip club, you won’t go home broke and your wife won’t be that mad that you ate there. The dynamic of Texas Loosey’s is that you can go there, talk to some pretty girls, have a burger and a beer and still get out of there with out blowing more than $20. That sounds like a great time and deal to me. The place has a nice western style decor, plenty of monitors to watch the “Games” that are playing from around the world. It’s a sports bar and you will have no problem catching a game or MMA (Mix Martial Art) competition. To go here for any reason other than the women is a mistake, not because the food or anything is bad, it is because the girls are nice and do a great job of making you feel “special.” Our waitress was cute and friendly and she was always there to make sure that our drinks were full. Great service and great looks? Can not top that for a great lunch. Texas Loosey’s gets 4 pigs from me today.

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