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TGI Fridays Hawthorne Blvd Torrance

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TGI Fridays is a huge chain with over 1000 restaurants in over 51 countries, The one we visited is located on the NE corner of Hawthorne Blvd and Lomita Blvd. in Torrance. I had not been to a TGIF in 20 years even though there is one literally right around the corner from my office. The restaurant itself is in the parking lot of the medical offices there and is pretty peaceful. Parking was good, but I’m sure it can fill up as there are other restaurants and offices sharing the same lot. Inside the restaurant is kind of dark, but the hostess and waitress were all very friendly and helpful. The decorum is as you would expect from a place like this. Just the kind of place for that get together and have a few drinks with friends from work. Currently they have a lunch special and I ordered off of that, I got their Jack Daniels Cheese Burger. Which included a side of mixed fries, regular and seasoned. I was perhaps a little distracted and failed to take a picture this time. Wow! I blew it. The burger comes with a JD bbq sauce and I got swiss cheese on it. Burger was an OK size, not too big, just OK. The burger was good as was basically everything, but somehow I was not really able to warm up to the place. There was nothing to complain about, but it also felt a little too much like a chain to me. We came in under $20 for two people and that is what Lunch Pig is all about. I give it 3.5 pigs Time for a confession. Oliver and I decided to go with a cheap and easy restaurant for this week’s Lunch Pig. We didn’t try very hard to come up with something creative but, like life, sometimes you just do what is cheap and easy (insert college girlfriend joke here). TGI Fridays is, well, TGI Fridays. Reasonable food at reasonable prices. Service was slow but that was my only real objection. I got the turkey burger and it was above average for quality and taste. You’ll notice in the picture above that I dove in and totally forgot to take a ‘before” picture. What you see there is what was left after 5 mins of ferocious eating. As a side I got a mix of sweet potato fries and regular french fries – also yummy and recommended. I’m not going to beat up TGI Fridays for being TGI Fridays. It is what it is and you get what you go there for. I liked it and I’d go again. Because it wasn’t terribly original, I will give it 3.5 pigs out of 5 pigs.

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