The Habit Burger Grill – American Fast Casual – Torrance Review


The Habit Burger Grill
3829 Torrance Blvd
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 406-3063

The Habit Burger Grill is located in the plaza at the north/west corner of Hawthorne Blvd and Torrance Blvd in the city of Torrance. The Habit shares a parking lot with a grocery store and a half dozen other restaurants so parking is tough during peak lunch hours. When entering you first order at the cash registers. If you decide to dine in, you are handed a pager that alerts you when your order is ready for pick up. Seating is available both inside at modest booths and on a small patio area adjacent to the driveway at Torrance Blvd. The Habit is a small chain based in the west. According to The Habit website “In 1969 when Brent Reichard was 16, he went to work for the Habit Burger Grill in Santa Barbara and fell in love with the business. Four years later Brent and his brother Bruce borrowed some money from mom and bought the Habit.”

CARL: Fast Casual is the hot ticket for lunch these days. If you are over 25 and have more than .99¢ to spend on a lunch, restaurants like The Habit are made to lure you away from the less “mature” chains like McDonald’s. Since I am over 25 (by a nice margin) I do have a few bucks and the desire to eat a meal made with higher quality ingredients. My inner 13-year-old still loves a good burger so a restaurant like The Habit was built for me. I ordered the “Double Char” with cheese ($4.45), the Sweet Potato Fries ($2.65) and my usual Diet Coke ($1.70). When ordering you have your choice of ingredients – all the typical burger trimmings. I got the works (sans mayo) and it was a big looking burger.

The first bite was a bit of a challenge but worth the effort. I was greeted by a fresh tasting burger where each part of the burger seemed to be as fresh as it could be. the meat was perfectly cooked, the condiments were fresh and the bun was toasted nicely. I opted for the Sweet Potato Fries rather than the typical fries and I was pleasantly surprised as it is easy to screw these up. Seems regular fries are easy but somehow it is tough to get the sweet potatoes to be crispy. The Diet Coke was just as it should be and the free refills make all the difference for me and I like to leave the restaurant with a full cup to enjoy on the drive back to Lunch Pig HQ. As expected, The Habit hits the mark with nice quality ingredients, a few unique menu items, and keeps things under the $10 Lunch Pig target budget. I give The Habit a solid 4 Pigs. I’m thinking we will need to compare The Habit to The Counter and the other high end burger joints. Stay tuned…..

OLIVER: Carl got his new car today, so we took it for the Lunch Pig. Great day to check out a nice car. We got to The Habit and quickly got in line. We arrived a little after noon so there was a line, but not bad. In under 3 minutes I was placing my order, I ordered the Double Cheese burger, fries and a regular drink special for $7.70.

The burger was up pretty quick and I was eager to bite in to it. This hamburger was pretty good sized and has a good flavor, it is unique and you will notice it. You can taste the charbroiling very well in it and they are served very hot. Your burger will be hot for a while. The fries were typical fare, and the drinks are refillable.

It was a tasty meal and pricing was very good with a double cheese burger for a little over four bucks. I give this 4 pigs as well and will surely be returning.


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