Beach Hut #2 – Casual Hawaiian

Beach Hut #2 Exterior

The Beach Hut #2
4322 Pacific Coast Highway
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Open 7 Days
Mon-Sun 7.00AM – 8.00PM

The Beach Hut #2 is located in a strip mall between Michaels and OSH Hardware on the South/West corner of Anza and Pacific Coast Highway. The plaza is dominated by the larger stores so it is easy to miss the smaller restaurants tucked in the corner. There is seating inside for 20-25 people and some outdoor seating along the sidewalk. On our visit the Beach Hut #2 occupied one storefront but construction was underway to expand into the space next door. Parking is plentiful as the restaurant shares a large lot with the other businesses. The Beach Hut #1 is in Manhattan Beach and this restaurant had, for 20 years prior, been located in Hermosa Beach.


Beach Hut #2 Side SaladCARL: I pulled the coupon page from the South Bay Money Mailer because the picture on the coupon of a Hamburger looked appetizing. I literally knew nothing about this restaurant and I had passed by it many times over the last year. It is easy to miss when going to the US Post office, O’Reilly Auto or OSH in that plaza. Without the coupon, I’d not likely have thought to go there so perhaps these coupon books work. Oliver and I rushed in the front door to avoid the rain and we immediately noticed the construction along the side wall – not a great sign for a casual lunch – but we decided to stay and try it out. We were greeted by a very friendly waitress who answered our questions about the menu and about the restaurant’s history. Turns out The Beach Hut #2 has been here for a year since moving from it’s Hermosa Beach location. She explained that things were going well and they were expanding into the space next door – a great sign that the food must be good.Beach Hut #2 Lunch Plate AThe down side is that we were treated to the very loud sounds of construction during our meal. The menu has a nice selection of Teriyaki and burger lunch specials but I decided to give the “A” Plate Lunch Special a try using the logic that if it is the “A” on the menu, it is likely popular with the regulars. The “A” Plate features Teriyaki Chicken, chowfun noodles, veggies, a separate side salad, rice and a wedge of King’s Hawaiian sweet bread. After ordering our waitress brought me my side salad which was a nice size with a light dressing and a tomato wedge. The main course looked appetizing and had a very nice sweet aroma. The only thing better than the aroma was the taste of the chicken – it was sweet but not at all “goopy”. It had an almost caramelized flavor to it and it blended nicely with the broccoli and the chowfun noodles. Another unexpected surprise was the wedge of King’s Hawaiian sweet bread that was perfectly toasted and flavored. Overall a wonderful find and a place I will certainly visit again once the construction is complete. I am looking forward to picking up some dinners to-go to share with the family. Great flavor, good service, reasonable price. Only big bummer is Pepsi products sold by the can. I like bottomless Diet Coke but in a strict emergency a Diet Pepsi will work. I give the Beach Hut #2 a very very solid 4 Pigs on the Lunch Pig scale of 1-5 Pigs. The score could go up if they manage to put in a nice dining room experience without raising the lunch prices. Recommended!


Oliver: As Carl said, this was a new place that was right in our sight, yet we never knew it was there. The over all vibe of the place is a fusion of Hawaiian and Burger/Breakfast diner. Most all the lunch plates consist of some chicken noodle dish with variations of Teriyaki and various sides to the main dish. My dish “F” consisted of spicy hot chicken, some green salad, rice, macaroni salad, wonton and some grilled  sweet bread. This was a unique lunch, I really was never sure if I was having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lots of breakfast like dishes to choose from and the mix of Teriyaki gave everything a unique experience.

I will need to explore the menu and try out some of the other dishes they have. I’m not sure why, but the Spam plate sounds interesting and I will be giving it a try.

As for my plate, it was all very good, a lot of food for the money, and the service was super friendly. We got out of there for under $20 for two Lunch Pigs, and that is saying something. This is definitely not your typical diner experience and you will certainly remember it. I give them 4 pigs as well.  

 Beach Hut #2 Menu

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