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China Buffet 3525 Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite G Torrance CA 90505 China Buffet is a self described “New York Style” Chinese buffet. The restaurant has a bit of a cafeteria vibe with three long islands of food and a back counter with Sushi and ice cream. Parking is plentiful out front and there is rarely a wait at lunch to be seated in the two large dining rooms on either side of the center buffet food area. The buffet is all-you-can-eat and features a variety of desserts. Lunch price is $8.99 and goes up substantially at dinner time and on the weekends.     CARL: China Buffet (or CB as we call it) has been a regular favorite of mine for many years. It is a short walk from my office and is a good value – especially if you are hungry. Like most people, buffets make me think of low class / quantity over quality operations. We’ve all been to buffets that look dirty and unappetizing. Thankfully, CB is clean, the food looks good, and the staff if diligent in keeping the food fresh and the counter areas clean. I have my regular favorites (pictured above): fried rice, chicken and broccoli, beef and veggies, orange chicken and seafood blend with shrimp and krab. Yeah, I’m sure it is Krab and not Crab as each piece is nearly identical, a hallmark of the processed fish substitute. I get that plate on my first trip to the buffet and I try to mix things up a bit with an experiment or two on my second trip. After my second plate my attention turns to the soft serve ice cream machine. The bowls next to the soft serve are a tad small so I usually pick up a larger rice bowl, grab a cookie for the bottom of the bowl from the dessert area and cover it with a chocolate/vanilla blend of soft serve. A great way to finish off the meal. The lunch price is $8.99 and the Diet Coke was $1.69. Not too shabby but also not an amazing bargain unless you really pile up the food. I like China Buffet and I go about once a month. I would be MUCH more excited about going to CB if they would have a new featured item of the week to mix things up. My other complaint is that for lunch it should be a wee bit cheaper – perhaps $7.99. Because it is a touch pricey and the food rarely changes, I’m taking a half pig off so CB gets 4.5 Pigs.


Oliver: I have been eating here for a few years now and it is one of my very favorite. The lunch is a deal with it being only $8.99. That means you can eat as much as you can possibly stuff in your mouth for under $10. They have a great variety of food that covers all the basics, that including a selection of fresh seafood that can include crab legs and octopus.

There is a sushi bar that keeps a fresh supply of sushi going.


They also have an assortment of grilled meats and seafood on sticks


I really enjoy the peppered chicken, it has no goop and that makes it pretty healthy. I have a few favorite dishes, my first plate usually consists of Peppered chicken, some green beans, lots of mushrooms and a couple of pieces of sushi. Keep in mind that during lunch you will mostly see sushi rolls, with a few less delicacies.

As you can see I start off with a good portion of everythign I like. If this was any other restaurant I would say this was a good size meal and would be very pleased. But this is New York Style Chinese Buffet, and that one plate is not enough for this Lunch Pig.

This round I went with some salmon sushi rolls, egg fu yung, a stuffed spinach thing and an eggroll.

A couple more pieces of sushi and some more mushrooms and now sesame chicken and some orange chicken

I finished off with a bowl of soft serve chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream with various toppings. also a few pieces of fruit to add to the variety.


Ok, now I’m full. Really full, people have begun lining up at the front window of the restaurant as they have begun taking money to let people see  ”The Incredible Human Bottomless Pit”

I have to say I really love this place, if any place deserves a 5 Pig review it is going to be New York Style Chinese Buffet in Torrance.

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