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Grand Chinese Buffet is located on Hawthorne Blvd between Lomita and Sepulveda Blvd. They have been located here for several years and my family as well as friends and I come here often. They offer plenty of booths as well as large banquet seating. A fully stocked sushi bar, Mongolian BBQ and even an Ice Cream machine along with one of the best selections of seafood around make it a great experience for all. Plenty of parking, but beware, the place is very popular and it can be full.

CARL: I am a sucker for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Generally speaking buffets a great value and since I am a big guy, I can get my money’s worth. Oliver definitely digs the Chinese buffets in particular so we now add the Grand Chinese Buffet to our list of restaurants. I have my usual favorites: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Seafood Blend, Beef & Broccoli, and Egg Rolls – all on a bed of Fried Rice. Generally speaking the Grand Chinese Buffet does an adequate job of preparing these classic dishes. On the plus side, there is a huge selection – bigger than most I’ve seen – and it does include more seafood than usual. There is also a Mongolian BBQ station and the soft serve ice cream is very tasty. On the down side, the cleanliness of the restaurant is questionable. The windows are completely wet with moisture – presumably from the buffet steam trays and the floors are dangerously slippery. The floors were so slippery that I was worried while carrying my plate back to the table. Luckily I didn’t slip but I’m willing to bet someone will. For the food I give The Grand Chinese Buffet 4 Pigs but I am tempted to drop it down to 3.5 Pigs for the slippery floors and steamy ambiance. I’ll leave it at 4 Pigs but if you are a stickler for such things – be warned.

OLIVER: I love Chinese food, that’s a given. I especially love a good variety of food. Grand Chinese Buffet has the largest selection of Chinese Buffet so far. It can be a little steamy in there, but that is due to the massive amount of foods being cooked. After sitting and getting our drink orders I made my way to the buffet.
I started my meal with Chicken and mushrooms, some kung pao chicken and some spicy tuna sushi rolls . Top it off with some green beans and I was ready to eat.

The mushroom chicken is a little goopy, but it is still very good. The kung-pao was great with out much goop added to the mix.

  I love sushi in all forms and during lunch it is mostly sushi rolls but this is included with the buffet lunch, and you can eat as much as you want. The Tuna rolls tasted excellent and their wasabi is perfect, maybe almost too hot, but that is a good thing, so beware.

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After my first plate, and some addittional sushi rolls, I made my way to the Mongolian BBQ. The Mongolian BBQ is a real treat, it is like having another restaurant within a restaurant. I felt like I was at the Rio Carnival buffet in Vegas! The selection of meats for your plate is very good, you have marinated beef, chicken, pork and shrimp. You can add your typical extras including tofu. When you hand the plate over to the cook you have the option of adding spicy or normal seasoning. I always opt for the spiciest they have, and they do not disappoint. For some, this giant plate of food is enough to call it done and go back to your cubicle, but this is lunch pig, and this is a buffet. Let’s talk about the unofficial rule that no one ever talks about, the eat as much as you can rule. No one wants to admit it, no one is ever obvious about it, but somewhere deep inside, we all are thinking about how much food to eat. It is one of the most primal things there is, your calculation of effort to food ratio along with the store for a rainy day idea. While my Mongolian plate was being cooked I went back for a few more sushi rolls.
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Once my plate was cooked I hastily made my way back to my table.

Grand Chinese Buffet 123011 Oliver Mongolian BBQ

Pineapple with Mongolian BBQ is like magic. I can’t get enough! My heaping plate was proof.

I can’t say enough about this place, I love it. If you like seafood this place completely rocks. The lunch plate is $8.99 and you can not get a better deal for this much great sea food anywhere.  They serve ice cream and toppings and that really puts a great ending to a great meal, they get a well deserved 4.5 pigs, bravo to Grand Chinese Buffet for going above and beyond in Chinese Buffet.

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