Kai Sushi Sports Bar- Japanese Dine In

Kai Sushi Sports Bar
24215 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 325-7979

Kai Sushi Sports Bar is located in the North Eastern side of the Crossroads. They feature sports bar dining and events with a sushi bar menu. Good Parking out front and easy access from Lomita Blvd or Crenshaw. Lots of TVs through out giving everyone a view of the programming.

OLIVER: There was a time in my life where I would not eat Sushi, the thought of eating uncooked fish was just something that was outside of my comfort zone, let me rephrase that, it seemed insane. Like all things, we learn. Now I absolutely love sushi, but I do not like the cost factor. Some may say I wear a straight jacket of cheapness, I just like to think I’m looking for the most bang for my buck. When it comes to sushi, that is probably not the best way to do it. Knowing that, I usually put good sushi together with costing a lot of money. So when we went to Kai Sushi Sports Bar, I was not expecting to get much for my Lunch Pig budget.

When you walk in it appears like any other Japanese Sushi Bar. Super friendly staff, wooden decor, open seating. Luckily Kai’s has a lunch menu, and as always, that is where we ordered from. Their lunch menu is surprisingly varied and not stuck to one meal like you often see. You will be able to taste from all of the various foods they serve, and to make it better, they offer a many combo’s that will give you the best experience.

I ordered the uodo soup and sushi combo. It came after a few minutes and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food and the presentation. A huge bowl of Oudo noodles and soup and 4 rolls and 4 sushis.

Ofcourse chopsticks are the default eating utensil and I did not order a knife or fork. Eating the noodles, which are very large and fat can be a little tricky with out making a lot of soup splashing, but is part of the total experience. The sushi was good, the texture was somewhat smooth, maybe a little mushier. But it tasted good. One thing is that Japanese foods can sometimes be a little weaker in flavors, I really like spicy foods  and to me it didn’t really “pop”, but that is not a problem specific to Kai’s. You can always add as much wasabi and soy as needed.

Bottomless drinks kept coming and all went really well. The waitresses were super friendly and that always makes lunch a little nicer. My meal was actually $2 over the Lunch Pig budget, but you get a great meal with lots of food. I felt satisfied and will definitely be going back and I urge you to give them a try as well. I give them 4 pigs.

CARL: Today was my third visit to Kai Sushi Sports Bar for lunch. The first two times I went with a business associate who was very experienced with Sushi and took over the ordering duties. She was very good at it, asked the right questions and we ended up with a delicious meal. The sushi was good but not particularly great but I enjoyed the overall experience. This time I looked at Kai from the Lunch Pig perspective and was on a mission to get a good lunch for under ten bucks. On this visit I decided to go for the Chicken Bento Box. The Bento Box ($9.95) included four pieces of California Roll, a small salad, steamed white rice, vegetable tempura, and for starters a small bowl of Miso soup. Our meal started with some edamame beans brought for the table and the Miso soup arrived shortly after. The edamame was slightly cold and it made me realize that I prefer my edamame warm. The miso soup was tasty but had very little substance to it. When my Bento Box arrived I was stoked at the presentation and the amount of food for my nine bucks. Just look at that picture (above). There was more chicken than I had expected and a nice sampling of the other items. Since I went into their Lunch Pig hungry, I knew I was going to be full when I finally put my napkin down. I did indeed enjoy the meal and I would certainly go back for this Bento Box lunch. It is a nice selection and a nice value. I have read other reviews that the sushi here isn’t great but since my lunch didn’t have sushi this time, I really didn’t notice. Overall a fun and different lunch option. Skip the sushi and go for the Bento Box. Four Pigs.

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