Lomita Thai Cafe – Casual Thai – Review

Lomita Thai Cafe
1733 Pacific Coast Hwy
Lomita CA
(310) 530-1443

We must have passed by this little restaurant a thousand times going to and from the freeway. The building is tiny and easily missed but the bright red paint does indeed make it noticeable. Our office building was on the receiving end of a door hanger blitzkrieg from the Lomita Thai Cafe so we decided to give it a shot. I guess that sort of advertising does pay off.

CARL: The first thing that caught my attention on the flier was the lunch specials. $5.95 for a variety of Thai classics. I went for the #11 – Sweet & Sour Chicken. It came with rice, a simple salad and an egg roll. Not too bad for just $5.95. The overall food quality was good, portions perhaps a bit small in the chicken department – but overall a great value for the money. The sauce was light but tasty. The salad was not very memorable but a nice bonus. The egg roll was also a bit small but tasty and came with a nice green sauce. My biggest complaint is that the restaurant is a little cramped. I was seated a little close to the next table and the blinds at the front of the restaurant were in my way a bit. No biggie – just worth a mention. Overall I liked it and if the restaurant was closer I would certainly go there more often. On the Lunch Pig scale of 1-5 Pigs with 5 Pigs being best, I give Lomita Thai Cafe 3.5 Pigs.


Oliver: It was Friday, and I was walking over to Carl’s place to meet for Lunch Pig and I was still not sure where to go for this weeks lunch. I saw a door circular on my neighbors door and plucked it off. It was for a Thai restaurant and had some good lunch deals. I wondered how effective these ads were and decided to go and see if there were droves of people with the flier in hand at the restaurant. I didn’t take my neighbors circular though, knowing Carl had also received it, so I put it back.

There were no droves of people with flyer’s in hand, but there were droves of police. I think there were 7 or 8 officers from different agencies at different tables there for lunch. It has to mean something that they would choose here to eat.

The place is small, some would say, cozy or quaint, I just say it’s small. It is a family run place and they are super friendly and helpful, holding the door for you when walking in and again when walking out. Since it was the summer and school was out, they had their young daughter in who was helping out as well.

Like Carl said, they have a great deal with their lunch special. I chose the number 10, Kung Pao chicken. It came with the same salad and egg roll, though my dish had red sauce for the egg roll. The salad had a peanut sort of dressing which was good.

Parking was surprisingly good and everything occurs very quickly leaving you ready to get back to work. You might miss it if you blink but the red should get your attention when driving, so is easy to spot.

I liked the place and think of it like an adventure when you visit these small family owned restaurants. I will give them 4 pigs due to the overwhelming charm, good food, xlnt presentation and a great price!

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