Mama Ramen – Casual Japanese

Mama Ramen
24631 Crenshaw Blvd Ste K
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 517-9099

Mama Ramen is tucked in to the strip of restaurants at the South/East corner of the Crossroads Plaza. This part of the Crossroads is VERY busy with plenty of traffic from In-N-Out and Chipotle and parking is very difficult. In addition to the parking logistics, the strip of restaurants does not lend itself to easily distinguishing one restaurant from another. The restaurant is quite small with the kitchen taking up half of the space and the other half populated with modest tables.

CARL: Our mission to dine in every restaurant in the Torrance Crossroads continues. We are down to our last three and these remaining three are last because they are the hardest to distinguish among all of the restaurants in the is plaza. These last three are crammed together between other Asian restaurants and in the dark cold shadow of In-N-Out Burger. After looking at the posted menus outside these three, we decided to go with this Ramen house. Looked reasonably priced and not too crowded. Plus, the mini board had pictures. A real plus for us non-foodie types. After examining the lunch specials I went with the #45 orange Chicken Plus dish ($8.60) which included Orange Chicken, Shoyu Ramen, potato salad, white rice and a nifty onion thing. For the price it was a good amount of food – but Lunch Pig is not all about volume – it’s also about taste and the experience. As far as taste goes, I’d say the flavor was average. The orange chicken was a bit goopy and the ramen was adequate but not remarkable. I’d put Mama Ramen in the “OK for a quick bite but nothing special” category. 3.5 Pigs.


Definitely a small hole in the wall place. This is a Japanese Noodle house and the interior looks very much like one you may find in Tokyo. I like these types of places and this proved to be a nice break from some of the typical places we have been to lately.

I wound up ordering their dinner special of spicy chicken and Ramen. The chicken was plentiful and tasted very good, it was also very spicy, a big plus for me. One disappointment was that the cokes were non-caffinated. That hits hard, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they had a big run of diet coke.

The ramen was a large bowl and had a lot of different sorts of things in it, including a large piece of meat, egg, sea weed and an assortment of vegetables. Along with it you get a blow of rice and potato salad. On a funny note, I didn’t recognize what the potato salad was and asked the waiter, he told me potato salad and everyone laughed.

You get a good amount of food and the price comes in under $10. Service was good, and you are left alone if you wish, which to me is a good thing, whenever I needed anything he was quick to show up. I want to give them 4 pigs but I feel that they are not quite 4. I’m going with 3.5 pigs. Still it is a nice little place and you will get a good meal.



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