Pei Wei – Black Pepper Chicken FREE Coupon Deal


Pei Wei Asian Diner
Torrance Town Center
2777 Pacific Coast Hwy
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 517-9366

CARL: I received an email from Pei Wei this morning promising that if I watched a video about their new Black Pepper Chicken, I could try it for free. Free for watching a video? Done deal. I’m not big into YouTube videos of adorable kittens or cringeworthy skateboarding accidents so I figured I’d watch this instead. The video was a bit fluffy but not painfully long and, as promised, at the end I was emailed a nifty coupon for a “buy one get one free” at my local Pei Wei. As luck would have it my wife wanted to go to lunch today so the plan was set. She ordered her usual Sweet & Sour Chicken and I took the plunge with the new Black Pepper Chicken.

As you may know from our previous review, I do enjoy Pei Wei. The food is fresh and the recipes are a bit different than the typical asian fast food out there. The new Black Pepper Chicken was right where i expected it to be – a nice twist and quite delicious. My wife quickly abandoned her Sweet & Sour Chicken and asked to swap plates with me. She ended up finishing all but a few bites of my lunch. That’s high praise from both of us.

The whole lunch was under $12 for two and we found a new dish for our next family to go order. Check out the offer here:

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