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Shabu Shabu Gyushintel Restaurant Exterior

Shabu Shabu
24631 Crenshaw Blvd. #N
Torrance, CA 90505
Tel (310) 326-2438
Fax (310) 326-4852


Shabu-shabu is a small restaurant located at the corner of Crenshaw and Skypark in the row of other Asian restaurants. They specialize in traditional Japanese cuisine where you cook your food at your own table. The name Shabu-shabu means “swish-swish”, which is the sound you hear when swishing around a broth with a slice of meat in it. Shabu-shabu calls itself a healthy restaurant. Before you go, visit the website above to get some tips on how to best enjoy the lunch process.

Oliver: I wanted to eat something healthy, and this place had it on their front window. They also had meals advertised for $5.95. So in we went. We soon discovered that they too had cooking areas in the center of the table. this time though I was in more of a hurry and chose a pre cooked meal from their lunch specials. I chose the Chicken Shabu-shabu. This consists of a soup/broth filled with Japanese vegetables including Japanese pumpkin, tofu and various other vegetables . You also get a cup full of rice and two dipping sauces, which are very important to the meal. One is called ponz and is used for the vegetables, the other is a sesame sauce for the meats.

You get traditional chop sticks as well as forks and spoons. There was a teapot but I forgot to pour myself any. The claim healthy is true, there was nothing unhealthy in the mix, the meats are boiled as are the vegetables. This can also mean that there is a little blandness to the food, but that can be remedied with use of the sauces and other condiments. In true to the cuisine’s fashion, you create it yourself how you would like it to taste. As I was not sure what to use or how to use it, I probably could have made better use of my dipping sauce.

Our waiter was great, he was more than helpful and went out of his way to act every bit the gracious Japanese host. Whatever the diner like setting was missing in Japanese authenticity, was made up for by our waiter. I asked many questions and he always gave me a detailed instruction on how to enjoy the meal. I wish all waiters were as enthusiastic as he was.

Later that day I noticed how I actually felt a little more springy after lunch than usual, no heavy or lethargic feeling. It definitely was healthy, it was good, and it was a fun and interesting lunch. The bill for two came out to $20.08. That’s a good deal for a good time. I give it 3.75 pigs because the service was so good and the price so right.


Shabu Shabu Gyushintel Restaurant CarlCARL: Another Lunch Pig adventure yields an unexpected surprise. As Oliver stated above, we were on the lookout for something healthy, light and quick. After entering the restaurant I spotted the cookers in the center of the tables and thought lunch was going to be too complicated. Fortunately they offered lunch pre-cooked – an easy decision for me. After quizzing our super-friendly waiter I opted for the $5.95 Thai Suki with chicken. Much like Oliver’s lunch it was served in a broth with tofu and white rice on the side. After some instruction – again from our friendly waiter – I learned to add the small bowl of flavoring to the broth. The meal was light and unique. I did enjoy it but it was a little bland. Perhaps it was bland because it was healthy, perhaps because I didn’t mix the spices properly. If you are in the mood to try something a bit healthier and you want to try something different, give Gyushintei Shabu Shabu a try. Good prices, friendly staff and a fun lunch earns Gyushintei Shabu Shabu 4 Lunch Pigs.

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