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Thai Rama
4473 Torrance Blvd
Torrance, CA 90503-4335
(310) 542-9242

The Lunch Pig idea came from the desire to eat at different places for lunch. This was the first place we tried and it was while sitting here enjoying the new experience and discussing how nice it was that we decided to start reviewing. That was a few months ago and now it was time to go back and actually do the official review of Thai Rama.

Thai Rama is located at the NE corner of Torrance Blvd and Anza Blvd, nestled in behind Weinershnitzels and Carl’s Jr. You might not notice it if you did not know where it was. Parking is good but there is another restaurant nearby so you may find it crowded during peak times.

Thai Rama is a family owned place that really feels family owned. The service is great and you get the idea that they really care how you and your meal are doing. The decor is not too fancy, but it looks good and is clean.

Oliver: Thai Rama offers a lunch menu and I ordered from it. There is a great variety in the specials and at a knock out price. I opted for the Shrimp Pad Thai Noodles for  $6.50.  I don’t often have a lot of shrimp but today I decided to go ahead and knock myself out. All the lunch specials come with salad and a fried Cream Cheese Wonton.

The Pad Thai was very tasty and had enough zest to satisfy me. The shrimp was good, but you don’t get many, but the price is low and that is directly related to it. The salad comes with a traditional Asian salad dressing and was tasty.

Drinks are served in a glass directly from a can, thus you pay for each can you drink. I very much enjoyed my meal and the service, I’m a big eater, so I would have liked a little more food, but for most normal people who are not pigs it is probably a good portion for lunch. For not a lot of money they do a great job of presenting a meal that could cost you many dollars more.

On top of that we had a coupon that Carl managed to find for 50% off the second dish. That makes this lunch the lowest price lunch pig to date!

For that low price and a great tasting meal they get 4.5 pigs.  

CARL: It was very nice to return to the birthplace of Lunch Pig. Hopefully our efforts will help others find hidden gems like Thai Rama. This restaurant is what inspired us and what we search for when scouting new restaurants. A good meal at a good price. This time I tried the “L-2″ Noodle Supreme With Chicken for $5.95. With the coupon I found, this is a really amazing deal. As Oliver stated, the soda is served in a can with a glass of ice so one must be careful not to drink too much too fast or risk incurring a second soda charge. The Noodle Supreme With Chicken is a dish with grilled chicken and some very wide noodles. The lunch comes with steamed rice and a small salad. The value here is unbeatable and the food is good so it hits all the Lunch Pig points. A solid 4.5 Pigs!

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