La Capilla – Mexican Restaurant Old Torrance – Review


La Capilla Mexican Restaurant
1332 Sartori Ave
Torrance, CA 90501

La Capilla is located in the “Old Torrance” part of the South Bay. The area has recently been upgraded by the city and it has attracted a variety of new business to mix with the old stalwarts like La Capilla. The restaurant features both a bar area and a dining area and food can be ordered in either part of the restaurant. Upon entering you are greeted by a hostess and escorted to your table. Parking is available on the street or in area parking lots.

CARL: Today was another one of those days where we let the “luck of the drive” dictate our choice of restaurant. We knew we wanted to head over to to Old Torrance and it just so happened that we ran into La Capilla and there was an open parking space in front. Done. Perfect.

Wait, you say that’s no way to select a restaurant for a prestigious review site like Lunch Pig?

I say that’s the best way to decide because that’s how so many lunch decisions happen – by happenstance. Today it turned out that a lucky parking space turned into a fun restaurant find. La Capilla is a mom-and-pop style restaurant with an older classic Mexican restaurant feel – complete with super dark dining areas. I was in a burrito mood so I zeroed in on the Burrito Especial – filled with beans, shredded beef and smothered with sauce. For $7.95 it was a fair deal and the Diet Cokes at $2.35 were a reasonable deal too. The good sized burrito tasted good, there were plenty of chips and the quick Diet Coke refills made me happy. A solid 4 Pigs!

OLIVER: Like Carl said, we were driving around looking for another place and happened upon a parking spot. I’m a big fan of Mexican food, and I’m a big fan of a deal. When our waiter mentioned their special  thatday was the Burrito Verde and it was only $5.45, well I had to get it. What happened to my 2 tacos, rice and beans bench mark? Well, it was $9.95, and I love the “deal”.

Burrito VerdeVery quickly the drinks and chips arrived, nice little detail is we each got our own salsa dish. That makes the dreaded “Seinfeld double dip” not an issue. My burrito came with pork. I’m not usually much of a pork eater due to Henry. He wasn’t around today so I said what the heck. Henry doesn’t actually know he is a pig, and we are not about to tell him. Especially since his favorite dessert is the Bacon Sundae at Burger King.

My burrito was delicious, large pieces of tender pork made this a really nice dish. The sauce was excellent and made my mouth water.

Drinks were Coke products, always a plus. The service was great, fast, friendly and helpful. The final bill being under $20 for the two of us made this a great find. We will definitely be back and recomending to our friends. Great job La Capilla. You get 4 pigs from me.


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