McDonald’s McTeacher Program takes over a South Bay McDonald’s

Huge Turn Out for McDonald’s McTeacher Program!


The crowd filled the lobby

Having my first child enter Kindergarten has opened up my world to things I wouldn’t have expected or known about. One of those is the McTeacher events that are held at McDonald’s and thier local schools. It’s a pretty simple formula, McDonald’s allows the school to collect a portion of proceeds from sales during a block of time, usually 3 hours, parents and friends hopefully flood in,  and everyone wins.

Washington Elementary in Redondo Beach had theirs this week and we were there.




It was a mad house, I have never seen so many patrons at a McDonald’s. As it turns out, there was a scheduling mistake that led to this and these events are not normally this crowded. My sons teacher was there and he wanted to visit her and give his support by buying their delicious fresh made chocolate chip cookies just for the event.

McTeacher-nite-playroomIt really was a lot of fun and the energy of the crowd was infectious. I enjoy showing my spirit for Wolf’s school and it was nice to see that there are indeed a lot of other parents who do as well.





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