National Donut Day Krispy Kremes Free Donut Give Away

In a time when it seems that we are all getting a bit too cynical, like forgetting the true meaning of days like National Donut Day, something occurs that makes you remember what it is all about. Since I am a co founder of Lunch Pig, I took my son to our local donut establishment, ___________ Donuts to celebrate and have a donut. I walked in and proudly exclaimed,”Happy Donut Day!” Even though the donut girl was very friendly and helpful, she told me she had no idea it was Donut Day. “No idea it was donut day?”, I said back like a mad man. She informed me she had worked there for over 8 years. “wow!, and you still don’t know about National Donut Day” I said back. Then walked in a woman and overheard me talking of the magic of National Donut Day and she also added her stories of Donut Days past. It was then I realized that Donut day is not a banner on a wall, or a free Krispy Kreme Donut given away on National Donut Day, but it is what is in our hearts, chances are it will be raspberry filling or butter, but still.

Go out, eat a donut or three, tell the local donut girl a story about National Donut Day and then eat a half dozen donuts in your car by yourself.

Happy National Donut Day

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