NBC Today Show Tips on “Off Menu” Items

Ever wonder how to get in on the secret menu items at In n Out or Starbucks? Here is a video from NBC’s Today Show to get you in on the secret. A transcript is below if you want to follow along.

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>> reporter: from burgers to tacos to time specific bites, secret menus or special meals for the ultimate insider have long been a staple at restaurants across the country.
>> don’t know where to go? don’t know what to order? don’t worry. we do. the first stop and really the only stop if you’re in california, in-n-out. i have a big order no problem.
>> can i get a 4 x 4?
>> okay.
>> can i get a knneopolitan shake? can i get a mustard grill? 4 x 4. four patties four slices of change. mustard grill. burg wer mustard on one side. animal fries, cheese, special sauce, grilled onions and neopolitan shake, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla.
>> so good.
>> no in-n-out by you? pro-problem. see if you can get your hands on a 1035 at mcdonald’s.
>> this is hard to get. you can only order it at 10:35 in the morning when they switch out the men use. thank you very much. it is an egg mcmuffin and mcdouble. have you to combine them. people not me say it is good for the queasy weekend mornings.
>>> taco bell? the cool ranch dorito cheesy gordita crunch.
>> actually really good.
>> the burrito dilla.
>> a burrito in a casadilla and it is supposed to be spectacular and it is.
>> reporter: starbucks will make almost anything you ask for in frappucino form.
>> i want to order off menu stuff. this is a cinnamon toast crunch, a butter bear, apple pie for fans of america. and twix for fans of twix.
>> these will give you a crazy sugar high. what is the point if it’s not in print? jacob says it’s the fun of being in on the secret.
>> it does create a little bit of a buzz. people kind of wonder what is the hidden menu?
>> reporter: Panera’s hidden menu is all about luring in the carb free customers. if you’re like me just go protein style at in-n-out.
>> without the bread it’s healthy right? for “today”, nbc news, los angeles.
>> just tell me she didn’t shoot the entire story in one day.
>> you know, that was three weeks ago. katy tur hasn’t had a meal since.
>> just a little thing too. great ideas.
>> i like the twix thing from starbucks. never heard of that.
>> i know where you’re going right after the show. downstairs

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