Scion IQ, Babe’s ‘N’ Donuts and Milk Commercial Video

New Scion IQ commercial features Babes ‘N’ donuts and Milkbabes-donuts-milk-scion

Here at Lunch Pig we have a lot of things cross our collective desks that fight to get our attention. Sometimes a commercial comes along like the KFC pot pie commercial, other times it might be something like the following. The new Toyota Scion iQ Babes ‘N’ Donuts commercial has a lot of what people want in a commercial, it is funny, it has action, it has the unrehearsed feel, and oh yeah, it has babes and boobs. And there is nothing more fun than watching sexy bikini clad women being thrown around in a tight turning Scion IQ while they are doing “donuts” and eating doughnuts. Down below we have some trivia on Randy’s, the place with that Giant Donut we have all seen. That being said, here is the commercial…

Funny thing is someone asked if I had seen the other videos with the cops and bikers, my response,”there were other videos?”

Randy’s Donuts is where this was filmed and they are a world famous donut stand due to their giant doughnut and proximity to LAX. I remember going there many times in my youth on Saturday nights with all the people hot rodding or there to watch. Everyone from the Simpson’s to Randy Neuman’s “I love LA” have featured it. Including Earth Girls Are Easy, Mars Attacks!, Coming to America, Problem Child 2, 2012, “Crocodile Dundee in L.A.”.

Randy’s was built in 1953 and originally designed by Henry J. Goodwin. The famous donut is 32 1/5 ft in diameter and is visible from the 405 freeway. This was the second location for “Big Donut Drive-In.” A chain started by Russell C. Wendell, who sold what would you guess? Donut making machines. During the 50′s he built 10 locations, 5 of them are still in existence.
Wendell sold his stores to concentrate on his new Pup ‘N’ Taco chain. He eventually sold the Pup N’ Taco chain to Taco Bell. Robert Eskow purchased the Manchester and Normandie locations in 1976 and named them “Randy’s Donuts and Sandwiches” after his son.

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