Dunkin’ Donuts and LeBron James sell Pork Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts + LeBron James = Pork Donuts ?

I could not call myself a Lunch Pig if I did not write a story on the news coming out of China that Dunkin’ Donuts is teaming up with LeBron James to sell Shredded Pork Donuts in China.

Cha siu bao

Cha siu bao

While it may not sound appetizing to some, China has been using pork in pastry products forever. Most notably, Cha siu bao (BBQ Pork steamed buns).

jelly donut

Jelly Donut

You have probably seen this at your local Chinese Buffets. Donuts as it turns out are the perfect pastry to do this with since it is easy to stuff the middle or mix with dough.


Dunkin' Donuts in ChinaDunkin’ Donuts has been introducing coffee into Chinese mainstream for a few years and believes that this will help bring Chinese culture into its product line.
Dunkin' Donuts in China 2

LeBron James

LeBron James

LeBron James has a huge following in China and Dunkin’ Donuts has given him a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal to promote Dunkin’ brands in China, India, South Korea, and Taiwan. Currently Dunkin’ Donuts has 150 locations through out China and is looking to increase it by an additional 100 in the near future. James will be appearing in ads, doing in-store marketing and even appear in person at the stores. Customers will be able to enjoy milk, tea and donuts with “pork floss” and meet LeBron James.

What do I think? I can actually imagine what it tastes like already, I have been to China and am have eaten at many Asian cuisines. I think it will be an awesome mix and could find popularity here as well. Stay tuned for more info.

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