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Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Torrance

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant Torrance
3530 Carson Street
Torrance – Del Amo, CA

(310) 542-2270


Acapulco Mexican Restaurant is a chain of Mexican restaurants started in Pasadena in 1960. They feature a California-Mexican restaurant cuisine. The Torrance location is located on the east side of the Del Amo Mall Square, north of Carson. The interior is open and there are plenty of large booths. Parking is a little congested due to the mall and other restaurants, but you will always be able to find a spot.


OLIVER: Acapulco has always been one of my favorite places, but the prices were always a little on the high side of what fit in the Lunch Pig criteria. Like everyone else, Acapulco is running competitive lunch specials to get traffic in, and they are now in the Lunch Pig budget. Something nice is that they offer several lunch specials that you can choose from, including a buffet. This time around I went for the 3 course Fiesta special.

It’s a 3 course meal, salad, main entrée consisting of rice, beans, cheese enchilada, 3 chicken Yucatan flautas and a deep fried ice cream for dessert. I walked in wanting to do the buffet, but after checking out this deal I knew I would be happier with this. I did walk over and check out the buffet first, and it looked great, but this time I felt like being served.

First up was the salad, I chose the cilantro dressing, and it was excellent. Cilantro is a green, zesty sort of creamy dressing consisting of cilantro, oil, lime juice, garlic and Mexican oregano. It makes for a very tasty change to the usual dressings. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

The main course was more than I expected and you really get a lot offood, I actually wondered if I could finish it all. The beans were tasty and not greasy, the rice was equally as good. The enchilada was good, appropriate size and with a great flavor.

The Flautas were exellent, it comes with some cilantro sauce to dip into but is great even with out. It is similar to a taquito but instead of a corn tortilla comes with a flour tortilla. These were really good and I urge you try them.

Finally came my deep fried Ice cream, not only did it taste great, but it looked awesome.

There is nothing to complain about here, the restaurant is clean, the service is great, and overall tehre is a really good vibe in the place. The food is excellent and you get generous portions. Teh price of the cokes is really the only downside and those were $2.89. That is a lot of money to add to a meal for two people and sadly will limit this review to 4 pigs. I still love this place and will continue going, but the price can get a little high.


CARL: I was a big fan of the El Torito buffet in Manhattan Beach and I packed on a bunch of weight enjoying their all-you-can-eat format. One day they changed to a Chevy’s and the dream was gone. I haven’t found a Mexican buffet I like as much but the quest continues. Acapulco makes a good attempt and does rather well. For the $8.99 price tag you get your choice of a taco bar, a selection of traditional Mexican favorites like chicken breasts, chicken fajitas, veggies, rice, beans and, my personal favorite, sweet corn cake. For desert you can enjoy fruit, walnut brownies and cinnamon caramel fried tortilla. My general impression of the place was positive. The restaurant was clean, we were seated quickly at a comfortable booth, the buffet station lines were short (if there was even one person it was unusual). The service was as expected and the plates were cleared and drinks refilled at just the right frequency. With regard to the food, it was pretty generic Mexican but I am happy with that. The fajitas were tasty but a bit too greasy (check out my picture). I try to eat healthy these days and fajitas are a great way to get some tasty food without the carbs but I suspect the grease killed that benefit. The freshly made tacos at the taco bar were especially tasty and warm. Not much to write home about but it was good and a reasonable value if you are hungry and make a few trips. For an overall pleasant experience, Acapulco gets 4 Lunch Pigs.



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