Black Angus – Dine In American Steakhouse


Black Angus Steakhouse
3405 Carson St
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 370-1523

Black Angus Torrance is a freestanding restaurant on the north/west corner of Carson Street and Madrona Avenue on the Del Amo Mall property. Conveniently located near the AMC Theaters and the rest of Del Amo’s shopping options, Black Angus has been a local favorite for many years. Seating inside is handled by a hostess and seating is primarily comfortable, private booths. Menu items range from under $10 to $20 per plate. Beer and wine are available. Parking is ample but may be a little tougher during prime time.

BlackAngus-021513-5CARL: A full page Black Angus coupon arrived in the mail with an offer I couldn’t refuse. The coupon boasted “Any Lunch Entree” for just $7.99. Even after reading the fine print (a drink purchase is required) it still seemed like a great deal so off to Black Angus we went. Our waiter explained that we could select anything from the lunch menu and that the coupon would be good. There were plenty of tempting options including tacos, burgers, fish and, of course, steak. Today I opted for the Flame Grilled Top Sirloin Steak – an 8oz Top Sirloin bushed with their signature steak butter ($12.59). The lunch comes with your choice of two sides – the Onion Rings and Steamed Broccoli with Shaved Parmesan sounded like a good mix. I expected good but my meal today was GREAT. The steak was just the right size, cooked perfectly, flavored just right and, combined with the sides, was the best lunch I have had in quite some time. Our service was top notch and our waiter was keenly aware that we might be on a time schedule for lunch and he made sure we were quickly taken care of. Without the coupon, it was a bit of a budget buster and well over the Lunch Pig $10 goal but at $7.99 it was perfect. Man, that was a good lunch. 5 Pigs!Pigs5.gif

OLIVER: It had been years since I have gone to a Black Angus, my first time was not a great experience and it left an impression upon me, but Lunch Pig changes it all, everyone gets a fresh slate and no baggage. Carl pulled out a coupon and I am a sucker for a great deal so off we went to check out another Lunch Pig meal. The location has been here for over 20 years and is the same and only location I have visited. Going in it looks like a steak house. Wood grain, leather, not too bright, exactly as it should be. The menu for lunch has a great variety of meals. I went with the salmon and with it I ordered broccoli and wild rice. Diet Coke completed the order. I probably should have gotten a steak, but I really do like salmon and it is a great


After a not too long wait the meals arrived, I was starving and couldn’t wait to dive in. The first thing you look at when ordering something like salmon is the size and color. This was a very good sized piece of fish with a nice color. I broke it open with my fork and it split up nicely. The taste was great and the glaze they applied was not too overpowering. The vegetables were done well and tasted great. I really liked my meal, the service was great and the restaurant itself was great. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this.

At Lunch Pig headquarters there are occasionally debates between the three of us over review criteria. One of the big ones is the use of coupons, “Is it fair to judge a restaurant where you used a coupon against one where you didn’t?” We all tend to agree in the end that the price we get in the end as long as it is available to others is fair. My meal was $7.99 and with out a coupon would be $12.99. That is a pretty big break, but in the end it worked, it made us go there, including someone who may have never ventured back and showed us a great deal and a great lunch and both of us will be back.

I give them 4.5 pigs. They are so close to a 5. Pigs4_5

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