Elephant Bar – American Dine In

Elephant Bar Restaurant
21227 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 543-5595

The Elephant Bar in Torrance is located in the “Restaurant Row” area of Torrance adjacent to the Del Amo Mall. Neighboring restaurants include Marie Calendars, The Red Lobster, Souplantation and Benihana. The Elephant Bar is a freestanding building that shares common parking with the other restaurants and businesses in the area and can become quite crowed at prime times. There are reserved spots in front for to-go order pick up. The restaurant features a jungle theme and seating is mostly booths.

CARL: My family and I visited The Elephant Bar when it first opened many years ago and we hadn’t found a good reason to go back. The food was OK, the decor was pleasant and the restaurant was comfortable but none of these factors were enough for us to make the return trip. With a 2-for-1 coupon in hand Oliver and I decided to give The Elephant Bar another shot. The restaurant was just as I remembered with friendly staff, nice decor, and I found it to be generally quite comfortable. Despite a good sized lunch crowd, we were quickly escorted to our table and our waitress promptly took our drink order and offered suggestions for lunch. The photo of the Mongolian Beef ($13.95) looked tasty so I gave that a shot today. The meal arrived quickly and was presented nicely with the brown rice and a nice portion of beef. I found the glaze to be a bit too sweet for my taste but I did enjoy it and I had no problem devouring the whole thing. The rice was cooked well and there was an ample supply to accompany the supplied Mongolian Beef. For the record, I love The Cheesecake Factory and I enjoy the variety the Cheesecake Factory provides and I did see some similarities here. The Elephant Bar hits many of The Cheesecake Factory highlights with a variety that spans from burgers to Asian Fusion cuisine. For the money, I prefer The Cheesecake Factory but The Elephant Bar makes for a nice change. Pricey but tasty. 4 Pigs!


OLIVER: I had not been to the Elephant Bar before and had noElephant Bar Salmon Plate idea what sort of food it served. I was thinking in my head that it was a burger place, and it must have giant burgers, or burgers made of elephant. Unfortunately, neither was true. It serves a fusion of American and Asian dishes that you are probably familiar with. You can think of Elephant Bar as being an upscale Pick up Stix. It serves typical Chinese Take Out cuisine with a heavy syrup glaze in an upscale atmosphere. There is a large variety and you can do some mixing and matching.

I ordered a salmon plate and it was a grilled salmon with their sauce covering it. You get a huge piece of salmon, probably the biggest I have gotten since Lunch Pig has been hitting the streets. On top of that it was grilled and tasted great. Quite often you can order a salmon plate and feel like you are not satisfied, but not here.

I give them 4 pigs for a great ambiance but also a good serving of food!

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