Gaetano’s Italian Restaurant – Torrance – Review

2731 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 326-3354

Gaetano’s is located in Torrance Towne Center near Torrance Airport. Gaetano’s serves authentic Italian dishes and wines with some lunch specials. Seating inside is a combination of tables and booths. Parking is ample in the shared parking lot.

OLIVER: Another day, another new restaurant. It never gets old and it has become a challenge to find new places. This time we visit Gaetano’s and it is actually very close to Lunch Pig headquarters. Parking is ample since it is shared with the entire shopping center, but that also means that in certain instances it can become crowded. Once walking in a host greets you and lets you pick your own table from the open ones. Seating is typical, booths surrounding a collection of tables. Everything you would imagine an Italian restaurant to be.

I was in the mood for some real heavy Italian food, so I chose a combination of ‘Lasagna and Spaghetti’ and Meatballs. Don’t let the menu description fool you, you get good sized portions with the Lunch Combination and you can select from a variety of options.

The meatballs were substantial and tasted excellent. The spaghetti comes in a large mug sized bowl and by itself is a good lunch. The lasagna was very good, the sauce was flavorful, had a good mix of flavors, and not too heavy on the tomato taste. You could easily get one of these entre’s and a salad and be good to go for the afternoon. I went the extra filling route, always looking for the most bang for the buck on top of great flavor.

I love this place, the food is great, the service is excellent. The price hinges at the top of Lunch Pigs desired $10 limit, but you do get a LOT of food. I give them 4.5 pigs because it really is a great place to go for lunch.

CARL: This place put the “pants” in the term “Fancy Pants”. I honestly don’t know what that means but somehow it makes sense to me. As our regular readers know, Lunch Pig avoids the big money restaurants and looks for the best bang for the buck. A quick look at the menu reveals that their “Lunch Specials” range from a low of $10.49 to a high of $13.79 and some pasta dishes like the Linguini Pescatore reach a high of $22.00. Let’s just say that Gaetano’s Restaurant doesn’t quite fit the mold of the typical Lunch Pig restaurant but sometimes you have to get a little outside of the norm to get some perspective.

I decided to order a Lunch Combination ($12.95) as Oliver did, but I opted for a lighter vibe with an Italian Chopped Salad and a Gaetano Sandwich. The Italian Chopped Salad was very flavorful thanks to the Italian dressing and the chopped romaine, Italian salami, sliced mozzarella, diced tomatoes, bell peppers, celery and garbanzo beans. The restaurant’s namesake sandwich, The Gaetano is served on a French roll and features mortadella, Italian salami, capicola, cotto salami, provolone, red onions, pepperoncini, lettuce, Roma tomatoes and Italian dressing. Between the two tasty parts, this lunch special was indeed quite special.

The sense of a quality experience starts with the staff, extends to the decor and most importantly is exemplified by the quality food. I enjoyed the experience and I would like to come back again. Unfortunately the price is over the $10 Lunch Pig maximum so Gaetano’s can’t reach the top spot with 5 Pigs but it sure was good! 4.5 Pigs!

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