Lazy Dog Cafe – Dine In American

3525 West Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 921-6080

The Lazy Dog Cafe is located at the east side of the Del Amo Mall near the AMC Movie Theaters. The restaurant is surprisingly large with dozens of tables inside and a nice sized patio outside. The atmosphere is warm, woodsy and inviting. When entering you are greeted by a hostess and have the option to sit inside or outside. There is a full bar with a variety of beverages. Parking at lunch is ample as The Lazy Dog Cafe shares parking lots with the Del Amo Mall. During peak times parking may be difficult as there are many “date friendly” restaurants and the large AMC Theaters nearby.

CARL: I have passed by The Lazy Dog Cafe many times on my way to the AMC Movie Theaters and on my way to restaurants like Stacked and PF Changs but never really had the desire to try it. From the name I wasn’t sure if it was a hot dog restaurant or a restaurant for dogs. As it turns out, it isn’t either of those things and I’m glad we decided to give it a try. Right from the start I was impressed with the service and the ambiance. We were quickly greeted by a friendly hostess and promptly seated at a comfortable booth. Our waitress took our drink order right away (Diet Coke $2.65) and, once she figured out we were first time customers, offered to bring us a free order of Grilled Garlic Flatbread ($3.95). The complimentary flatbread was a very nice touch and it was VERY good – highly recommended as a starter. The lunch menu had a good variety of options including salads, sandwiches, tacos and, what I ultimately ordered, Beer-Battered Fish and Chips. The wait for lunch was about average and we had the flatbread to keep us busy. When lunch arrived I was very pleasantly surprised at the care taken to give a budget lunch special a nice presentation. The fish was set on top of the bed of French Fries, the horseradish tartar sauce was served in a small ceramic cup and the coleslaw was presented on a lettuce leaf. I started with the fries which were light and crispy on the outside and “meaty” on the inside, just how I like them. The fish also had a nice light feel to it with a nice amount of batter surrounding a quality cut of fish. Both the fish and the fries were very tasty and cooked just right and the portion size was perfect for lunch. I enjoyed the meal and the whole experience. With most lunches at $7.95 it is in the sweet spot for Lunch Pig and with the classy comfortable ambience, The Lazy Dog Cafe is a winner. I give them a solid 4.5 Pigs.

OLIVER: The lunch menu is really good here, as an aid Lazy Dog Cafe Chicken Pesto and Hummus Salad Lunch Specialin ordering they also have paw prints to indicate the more popular entrées. The vibe is definitely upscale but their lunch menu allows you to have a great meal starting at about $7.95. I went for the Chicken Pesto and Hummus Salad. . The photo does not really show the chicken, but there is a good amount and the pesto tasted really good. It was fresh and had enough zing to make you want more. The salad was very tasty, but reminded me a little of shredded salad.
The service was top notch and the complimentary flat bread was delivered by the manager himself. The refills came rapidly as did the food. This is an excellent place for lunch. I will be coming back again and telling my friends. 4.5 pigs for great food, great service and a great vibe. 

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