Romano’s Macaroni Grill – Italian Dine In

Romano’s Macaroni Grill
25352 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 534-1001

Romano’s Macaroni Grill is located at the AMC Theaters plaza. A large open dining area with plenty of seating. Good Parking out front and easy access from Lomita Blvd or Crenshaw. The restaurant is spacious inside and features tables and a high beam ceiling.


OLIVER: I had never been to Romano’s Macaroni Grill and was not sure what they served, the macaroni in the name threw me off. So I was coming in with a completely open mind.

They have a great lunch menu and it offers you a choice of two or three entre’s that give you a great variety. From each column you can select one of the various choices, which are then served in square bowls on a single plate. Nice touch.

I chose the Caesar salad, angel hair pasta with a light tomato sauce and a panini of some sort that I can not remember at this time. The meal comes in at $8.50 and is a great deal. You also get a bread appetizer and presentation worthy of a meal costing 5x more.

Cokes are kept full and you never have to wait for a refill. The food tasted great, the service was excellent and they do a great job of giving you  the experience of a fancy restaurant. I could use a little more food, but I still give them 4.5 pigs.

CARL: I’ve been to The Macaroni Grill on a number of occasions since it opened years ago. My fist time here was with two other families and our combined six kids. The wait was problematic for the kids but once we got seated, the crayons and butcher paper table coverings made for some fun activities. This time, on a mid-week lunch, there was no delay and we were promptly seated – I did however, make very good use of the supplied crayons. Check out the thumbnails below for samples of my rudimentary artistic abilities. OK, back to the review…… As Oliver mentioned above, there are reasonably priced lunch options. At first glance it looks as though there are only two lunch options but upon further examination, you can mix and match a nice variety of pastas, sandwiches and salads for $10. I went with the three item lunch and selected the lentil soup, Carmela’s Chicken pasta and the Roasted Turkey sandwich. All three items arrive together on a single plate with the soup and pasta in separate bowls. I was pleasantly surprised by the lentil soup as I am not a lentil guy. Tasty and not too spicy. Next up was the Chicken Pasta – also flavorful but not too spicy. The noodles were thick and the chinks of chicken were just the right size for a manageable pasta dish. Last up was the sandwich – which would have almost been enough on its own. The sandwich was a bit plain but was made with quality ingredients. All together it was a very nice meal and a good value. 4.5 pigs!

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