Taxco – Mexican Casual Dining – Rancho Palos Verdes – Review


This week we are going away from the home base a little and driving to the East Side of Rancho Palos Verdes. Located on the corner of Western Avenue and Tulide Street is Taxco Mexican Restaurant. From the outside it is tucked away in a strip mall giving it a bland appearance. You could easily confuse it for a simple Taco stand, but Taxco is a pleasant surprise. The name Taxco comes from teh small mining town in Mexico of the same name. The inside completely captures the look and feel of a classic Mexican restaurant. The walls are carefully decorated with ornate and colorful decorations and props. Hanging over the back seating area is a bicycle with life size puppets on board. They have done a great job of making this a nice place to eat. The staff is quick to welcome you and offer you a place to sit. Parking is a little tight but you should not have to walk too far.

OLIVER: Taxco’s specialty is taco’s. They serve them in a variety of styles with different meats. I got a hard shelled ground beef taco, a chicken taco and a shredded beef taco. It was all really good. The shell was very good and had a nice texture. The meats and seasonings were all first class. I give Taxco 4.5 pigs for great food and a great experience for not so much money.


CARL: I love tacos. As evidence of this love I demonstrated that I am willing to drive across the South Bay in a thunderstorm to try a new Mexican food discovery. As Oliver mentioned above, the restaurant is in a rather plain looking strip mall so I did not have expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to find a comfortable ambiance inside, friendly service and, most importantly, tasty food. I ordered the Three Taco Combination Lunch Special ($6.95) and a bottomless Diet Coke ($2.45). Chips and the Diet Coke arrived quickly. The salsa that came with the chips arrived in a soup bowl sized container and was chunky and not too spicy. The tacos were the highlight. I tried a couple of beef tacos and one chicken taco and they were each delicious in their own way. I didn’t love the chicken as it was a bit tough so I recommend sticking with the beef tacos. To sum up the food in one word I would say “fresh”. The salsa was fresh, the ingredients were fresh and the all important taco shells tasted like they were made just for me. The lunch special made it a good value and I will be back. Recommended. I give Taxco 4.5 Pigs.

29050 S Western Ave
Ste 154
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
(310) 547-4554

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