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Tony Roma's Steakhouse & BBQ Exterior

Tony Roma’s
24301 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 326-7427

Located in the Home Depot “Crossroads” Plaza near the corner of Crenshaw Blvd. and Lomita Blvd., Tony Roma’s (along with another smaller restaurant) occupies the same space that was once The Claim Jumper. This is a full service restaurant with a full bar and indoor/outdoor seating in a combination of tables and booths. Parking is plentiful in the shared parking lot with Office Depot and the other retailers.

Tony Roma's Steakhouse & BBQ BreadCARL: Locals will remember The Claim Jumper as a comfortable but casual place to enjoy a quality meal at a reasonable price. I have hosted dozens of business lunches at the old Claim Jumper because of the wide variety of menu options, comfortable booths and professional feel of the restaurant. I was hoping to find Tony Roma’s to be a good replacement for these lunches. Tony Roma’s now takes up what looks like about half of the old Claim Jumper Restaurant with a Japanese/Italian fusion restaurant taking up the other half. Tony Roma’s utilizes the same entrance as the Claim Jumper previously had and the hostess station is similarly located. Upon entering we were escorted to the left, which had previously been only bar style dining. There were plenty of booths to choose from and the experience was very smooth and comfortable. We were offered bread and our drink orders were taken quickly.


Tony Roma's Steakhouse & BBQ Steakhouse BurgerThis was my second trip to Tony Roma’s so I decided to try the Steakhouse Burger instead of the chicken dish (see Oliver’s review below). The burger was a good size, cooked just right, dressed with bacon and a cup of a light sauce on the side. For my side I selected the French Fries. Overall the burger was very good about the right size for a lunch. The ingredients and the bun were good quality. Priced at $10.99 for the burger and $2.99 for the soda, it was a bit on the high end of where we like to be for Lunch Pig. Much of what you are paying for here is the fancy restaurant atmosphere so a little price hike is expected. Since Lunch Pig is all about a good value for your lunch dollar, Tony Roma’s doesn’t win any contests there. The staff was very friendly, especially the bartender Mary. I’ll give Tony Roma’s 4 Pigs with the primary deduction being for the price. Drop the menu prices and add some more value lunch specials and it could easily go to 4.5 or better.


Oliver: Right away I liked the decor of the place, it is set up like a mountain cabin resort. It adds to the idea of getting away for lunch and for me that is always important, like many of us, I spend too much of my day behind a desk. Once in we were quickly seated in one of the many booths and our drink orders taken. I checked out their menu for some sort of deal worthy of a Lunch Pig and there really weren’t any to be found. There are a few plates that ring in under $10, but by the skin of their teeth. Always trying to get something just a little bit different I went with the Spinach Chicken Stack, it comes in at $9.95 and includes 2 sides. The default is rice and broccoli. I chose stuffed mash potatoes instead of the rice and stayed with the broccoli. A basket of bread quickly showed up and it was very good, I easily chomped down what was given, and was even happy that the main dish took a little long because when our waiter noticed our meals had not yet arrived, he brought us out some more bread.

Not long after that my Spinach Chicken Stack arrived. The chicken is grilled, has cheese and spinach on top with some bacon bits. It was definitely tasty, a little rich for lunch, but tasted great. It was a small portion, but it is supposed to be lunch. The broccoli was great, steamed and not tough at all. The mash potatoes were a bit creamy and also sort of rich, but I did order the stuffed version.

Cokes were always topped and overall you get a great ride for the money, it looks a bit fancier and they treat you as such. The food is excellent and everything else is top notch.  Even with a high price and small portions I still wound up enjoying it and I will give them 4 pigs.


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