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Vince's Spaghetti Exterior Sign
23609 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 375-1455

Vinces Spaghetti started out as a single restaurant in Ontario, CA and was owned and operated by two brothers. Eventually the two brother split and one moved to Torrance and opened this second location here at Hawthorne Blvd. and Skypark Drive. The restaurant is mixture of booths and tables and looks handle 200 or so people. Parking behind the restaurant is plentiful and it is an easy in and out with the light at Skypark Drive.   Vince's Spaghetti Carl's Salad

CARL: Vince’s Spaghetti Restaurant has been at this location in Torrance for as long as I can remember. I have recollections of the kids at Hickory School talking about eating dinner there. Seemed that the community embraced Vince’s and it was the family friendly go-to place for casual dining. My family didn’t eat out much back in those days and when we did it was rarely spaghetti because both of my parents were good at cooking Italian dishes so I didn’t experience Vince’s as a child. Many years later my wife introduced me to The Shaghetti Factory and we would eat at the Newport Beach location frequently. Newport Beach is quite a drive from Torrance so we explored the area looking for a local substitute and remembered Vince’s. After eating at Spaghetti Factory for so long, Vince’s wasn’t exactly what we were looking for so we only tried it that one time. What I learned is that Vince’s is a different experience entirely – a much more family friendly local vibe with no frills. Vince's Spaghetti RavioliOn this trip with Lunch Pig I decided to try the lunch specials. Lasagna sounded really good but heavy pasta has a way of making me sleepy in the afternoon so I opted for the lighter looking $9 ravioli with a side salad (pictured above). I was a little bummed they served Pepsi products instead of Coke products but I soldiered on with my meal and tried not to dwell on the soda. The sodas and salad took a little while to get there but not too bad. The salad was a small portion – about right for a lunch side salad – but was a tad limp. The Italian dressing was good and made up a bit for the lack of freshness the lettuce. Right about the time I was finishing up my salad the main course arrived. I ordered the ravioli with meat sauce lunch and it was just what I had hoped for – a good sized plate with plenty of sauce for dipping the garlic bread. The quality of the ravioli was good and the cheese inside was firm and just right in size with about two bites per ravioli. The meat in the meat sauce was in small chunks and added a nice flavor to the package. The lunch also came with cheese bread for dipping and I found the bread to be quite good. Overall the restaurant could use a facelift inside but was otherwise pleasant. The food was good and a reasonable deal for $9 and the bottomless soda (Pepsi…ugh) was $2. Service was good and we were in and out in under an hour. I give Vince’s 4 Pigs.


Oliver: I have been eating a lot of complicated foods lately, and was looking forward to something that didn’t require me to do too much work, like having to hunt down and then cook my own meal. Vince’s is exactly what the doctor ordered. You have your choices of spaghetti, lasagna and ravioli, along with some traditional sandwiches, like meatball and eggplant parmigiana.   You can also get a different lunch special sandwich each day as well.

I went with the lunch special Lasagna, which included a soup or salad, I got the house beef and vegetable soup. It was very good, nice flavor. The lasagna with meat sauce came and was a good sized portion. It cut up great, the cheese was perfect. The meat sauce was very good and I ate every drop off the plate.

Along with it came a large slice of their garlic bread, also very good. I was worried that it might be a little heavy for lunch, but they did a great job of portioning it along with bread and soup.  This was a bit of a nostalgic trip for me and I was glad to go on it. Vince’s is known for their spaghetti and lasagna, and they do it right. I give them a solid 4 pigs.

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