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Alfredo's Fine Mexican Yucatecan Cuisine Exterior

Alfredo’s Restaurant
2372 Pacific Coast Hwy
Lomita, CA 90717
(310) 784-0393

Alfredo’s is a free standing restaurant located at the southeast corner of Pacific Coast Hwy and Pennsylvania. According to some online sources this is called “Alfredo’s Restaurant No 4″ – implying that it is part of the Alfredo’s Restaurant chain however, when visiting their website at there is no mention of other restaurants. There is seating both inside and outside in a covered patio area. Parking is shared with a small retail plaza.

Alfredo's Fine Mexican Yucatecan Cuisine Two Item ComboCARL: As with many of our adventures, this one started with a Best Buy Guides coupon. Alfredo’s had a full page ad and a decent looking set of pictures so we ventured to Lomita to check the place out. Upon entry we were pleasantly surprised that the place was clean and well maintained. We were quickly seated by a friendly waiter and our Diet Cokes ($2.19) were brought along with some standard chips and salsa. Alfredo’s advertises “Yucatecan” cuisine which usually includes influences from Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean but menu was standard Mexican fair with the usual combo plates and such. I ordered the “Build Your Own Combination” ($8.95) with a crispy chicken taco and a shredded beef enchilada. The enchilada was flavorful and the sauce was quite good and not too sweet. The highlight was the crispy chicken taco – the shell was thick and perfectly cooked, there was a good amount of chicken inside. The entire meal had a slightly different flavor to it setting it apart from the typical Mexican chain restaurant offerings. Do yourself a favor and go here instead of the Mexican chain restaurants. The coupon made it quite a deal but the regular prices are just a bit steep for lunch. If they had lunch specials this place would jump up half a pig.


OLIVER: I have been hearing about Alfredo’s for a long time. Never made it over, till now. It’s a little place on the corner with additional outdoor seating and lots of windows. It really gives it an open inviting sort of feel. The menu’s are top notch with great photos and easy to read. Right away the salsa and chips come. I generally really love chips and salsa and will eat an entire basket at a sitting almost every time. These chips were good, just the right texture. Their Salsa was excellent and very spicy, it had my face sweating very fast. I love that!

Alfredo's Fine Mexican Yucatecan Cuisine Fish Taco ComboI ordered the fried fish taco’s, it comes with rice and beans and a side dish that has the additions to add to your taco. I opted for soft corn tortillas and they come with just the fried fish cut into smaller pieces. There is literally nothing else on it. I went and added the cheese and seasonings and wow, this was a fantastic fish taco. Definitely the best I had tasted. this a phenomenally tasting taco. We had a coupon, one plate free when buying one plate and two drinks. This was not only one of the best tasting Mexican lunches to date, it comes in as the cheapest lunch pig yet. I wish they were closer to my office because I would be tempted to eat there more often. I give them 4.0 pigs. Great food, great deal, great service, awesome little restaurant. What could possibly make it  5? more food.

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