Deli Roma Cafe & Grill – Casual Italian

Deli Roma Cafe & Grill
3901 Pacific Coast Hwy
Torrance CA 90505

Oliver and I decided to hop in the car and drive till we found something interesting. We spotted a chicken place in a strip mall so we decided to check it out. While waiting for our chance to turn into the retail plaza, we spotted Deli Roma. From the outside it looks clean and new so we gave it a shot.

CARL: The inside of the restaurant was clean, bright and very inviting. You order and pay at the counter then find your own place to sit. When our food was ready, it was brought to our table but I would have liked a bit more waitress service for the prices. I’m a soda junkie and I may go through 2-3 sodas at a meal so i appreciate waitress service. I decided to go for the meatball sub for $7.25 and the $1.75 Diet Pepsi. If the dessert counter had pastries in it, I may have tried a dessert but the bright and new looking dessert counter was empty today. Overall it was a pleasant experience. The meatball sub was good – perhaps slightly above average. The restaurant was clean and the staff was friendly. I’d like a bit more service, some more substantial napkins (the ones that were provided were slightly better than toilet paper). Overall I liked it and it was under the $10 Lunch Pig budget. I give Deli Roma Cafe & Grill 3.5 Pigs.


Oliver: Not sure why, but I was in the mood for a gyro. I rarely get the chance to have one, but for whatever reason I wanted one. We were heading to another place and due to some traffic that seemed to have momentarily forgotten how to successfully navigate a motor vehicle and caused us to come to a stop, thus we spotted a place that looked good. Turns out they served Gyros. Nice turn of events. Our original place we were going to was another of the chicken salad places sprouting up everywhere.

Deli Roma is very casual, you place your order at the counter, but it has some really nice ambiance. Keeping to what I was craving, I ordered a Gyro, I asked the owner what meat it came with and he told me “lamb”, by the look on my face he could tell that I was a little taken aback by that. I was not expecting it. He confidently said “It’s really good, you’ll love it, I give a money back guarantee”. Can’t go wrong with that, so I ordered the lamb.

The Gyro was brought to our table in individual baskets wrapped ready for take out. It doesn’t lend itself well to the typical Lunch Pig portraits, but we tell it like it is and here you have it.

Like I said, I rarely eat Lamb, haven’t in probably 40 years, but this was delicious. I really liked it. “Wow, lamb tastes great”. The pita was good, the sauce was tasty. I would have also gotten a dessert had they had some. Next time I will get some fries to go along with it. A bag of chips would have gone a long way, but the price was good.

I like to visit the local places and give them my money because I think that the personal touch goes a long way,a nd being a small business owner myself I want to think I’m helping out another person taking the harder road in life.

Deli Roma tries to give you a cafe ambiance with a take out vibe. The food was tasty, came in with a coke for under $8. That is a good deal and I will certainly come back.

I give them 3.5 pigs.


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