Mashawi Grill – Casual Middle Eastern

Mashawi Grill
25362 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance CA 90505

Today we went to an old favorite, Chicken Dijon, but it is no longer Chicken Dijon, but rather the Mashawi Grill.

The place is basically the same with a selection of healthy Mediterranean chicken salad and chicken meals. All the chicken is rotisserie grilled and freshly done while you wait. The waitress will bring your food to you after ordering and also bus you table when they are not too busy. I have to say something, they had the best silverware I have ever seen in a place like this.

When our food arrived it was no disappointment, with a large pita draping an even larger mound of food. I was not able to finish the whole salad and took the rest home. I got the Muhammad which is a Mediterranean chicken salad with a good amount of tomatoes and cheese. There was nothing to dip the pita in but it was fresh and tasted good.

Parking can be tough during lunch hour since it shares the lot with Islands, Tony Roma’s, and a bevy of other places. I really liked it and you get a good amount of food for the money and the waitress was friendly and cute.


I give it 4 Pigs

Oliver and I both ordered the same thing this time – the Mashawi Salad. We try not to order the same thing to give our adoring fans some variety but we both wanted to try this salad and no way were we going to share. As it turned out there was enough salad for 2 meals and I ended up taking half of my salad in a to go box.

We had been going to this restaurant for years and getting the Chicken Dijon salad so after the name out front changed I hoped for the best and ordered the closest salad to the CD salad. It was a bit different in that it had a different flavor with more of a spicy mustard taste to it – not bad, just different. My wife tried it and wouldn’t eat it because she detests mustard so the change may not be good for everyone. For me the only change that bothered me was that when I ordered from Chicken Dijon the checked seemed warm which was a nice contrast to the cool lettuce. In the Mashawi version everything was cold but it was still a great salad. The salad was $8.90 and a bottomless Diet Coke was a reasonable $1.60.

Good salad, clean nice restaurant and lots of leftovers earn Mashawi 4 Pigs.

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