Piquin Picoso – Mexican

Piquin Picoso
Pacific Coast Hwy at Ocean
Torrance CA

Carl: My love for McDonald’s oatmeal yielded an unexpected result. No, not that unexpected result….. While sitting in the drive-thru line of the Torrance McDonalds, you end up staring directly at a typical strip mall with a liquor store, taylor, children’s bookstore and, as luck would have it, a small Mexican restaurant called Piquin Picoso. After staring at it a few times I figured it deserved a shot.

When Oliver and I walked in the door we were greeted with a nice and clean restaurant. There was no hostess on duty so we seated ourselves. Our friendly waiter popped out a few moments later and presented us with some nifty hand made menus.

There was only one other customer in the restaurant – a regular that suggested the tacos. Each taco is just $1.50 for a generous sized portion. 3 tacos for $4.50? Not a bad lunch for under $5. I opted for what you see pictured above – the combo fajitas. Chicken, steak and shrimp combined at the suggestion of our friendly waiter. The portion was large and featured plump shrimp, good sized chinks of chicken and some thinly sliced steak. There were tons of tomatoes (if you like that sort of thing) and a bunch of onions. Not much in the way of peppers. The fajitas come with the usual side of tortillas, beans and rice. The beans and rice were a touch cold but the amazing fajitas more than made up for it.

The flavor of the fajitas was excellent – quite possibly the best I have ever had. The restaurant was clean and the service was friendly. It took quite a bit of time for our meals to come out of the kitchen but it was worth the wait. If you are in a super rush, you might want to call in your order to go. Piquin Picoso is a great experience for a reasonable price. I will be back for sure!

I give Piquin Picoso 4.5 Pigs.



Oliver: A new place is always a great way to start lunch for me. I like discovery and searching for treasure, and this place came through. Piquin Picoso is an accurate description of a hole-in-the-wall, but you will not be disappointed by anything. Super friendly service, and great food. That is hard to beat.

They serve what is called authentic Mexican Cuisine; it may not be familiar to you, but if you ask the waiter for some help they will be happy to offer some advice. Often I get asked, ‘how do I know what to order when I go to new places’, and the first thing I tell them is to talk to the waiter, I can not over emphasize the importance of asking your waiter what they might recommend or about the dishes they are serving. Usually they will be more than happy to help you and you will wind up with a better meal without surprises.

As expected you start off with a bowl of chips and salsa, the salsa was good, and we were offered different levels of “Hot” depending on what we liked. I like my food pretty  spicy so I went with their default version. I liked it, but that means it is probably a little hot for most.

For my lunch I ordered the Carne Asada Green Chili Wet Burrito. It costs $7.95 and meets the Lunch Pig price criteria. The tortilla had a bit of grilling to it which gave it a nice but slight crispiness to it. The Green Chili sauce was amazing, spicy but not lacking other flavors either. The Carne Asada is cut into small pieces and is grilled as is done in fajitas. Rice, beans and cheese make this burrito a good portion for lunch.

Top it all off with a bottomless Coke and you are set.

There is nothing I can complain about, the service and the food were great, parking was easy and the price met my budget. It took a little long but I understand since the food was so good.

If you should decide to stop in please tell them Lunch Pig sent you,

I also give Piquin Picoso 4.5 pigs



UPDATE January 23, 2012 – Sadly this cool restaurant seems to have closed. A new restaurant called Cilantro is in its place. Lunch Pig will investigate!

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